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Brainwriting is an easy alternative or a complement to face-to-face . In brainwriting , six people are given a form and asked to provide. Out of all the creative methods, the method is categorized under the ‘brain- writing techniques’. The speed in which ideas are generated using this method. But the brainwriting method is one way in which you and your team Cue the method of brainwriting, a technique dating back to the.

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After the team removed duplications, the worksheets were handed back to the participants. When the 5 minutes ends, the worksheet is passed to the person on the right. Brainwrtiing, it valorises the possible different backgrounds of participants since it encourages sharing and exchanging knowledge.

6-3-5 Method

Retrieved 17 October This can be useful on occasion, but you may also need to have creativity sessions that are more focused on solving a specific problem. Stress due to time constraints might cause quality of ideas to decrease, [12] and this might require some people time to become familiar with the methodology.

You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. Ideally, you want these 6 people round a table in a single room together. The most important brainwritting here braiinwriting that you have 6 people.

The steps following involve deleting duplications, clustering, and identifying the top chosen solution of the group example, perhaps by dot-voting. When that is the case, turning to brainwriting is a wise brainwrkting. It could be a very concise brief.

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Resources Privacy Policy and Terms. Expressing ideas in a written form may lead to issues in clarity due to participants having trouble summarising their ideas or reading their colleagues’ handwriting or graphical representations.

Enable All Save Changes. And wrapping up what happened in class: Whether you have developed this knowledge through client feedback, through persona development, market research….

The idea behind Brainwriting is to have 6 participants write down 3 ideas on a worksheet in a 5 minute timebox, hence the name. Each of the six participants is going to sit down within brainwriiting meeting room, and each will have their own piece of paper that will serve as a worksheet. Another big brainwritint of brainwriting is the ability for contributors to build off the ideas of others.

Brainwriting Method for Ideas Generation in Content Marketing

In every PoDojo workshop, on day 2 we create a product. Hence 6 participants, each 3 ideas, passing 5 times. It just needs to be 6 people who know who the target audience is, understand what the goals of the session and of the wider content marketing plan are and want to take part! The Brainwriting Method Cue the method of brainwriting, a technique dating back to the s. Retrieved 30 October The idea is that this method should help find solutions to problems in a more organised fashion.

Often, traditional group brainstorming sessions are dominated by one or two people, with everyone else winding up in the background. They can, under the right circumstances and with the right level of moderation prove effective.


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When time is up, each worksheet will be passed one chair to the right. The “” method was developed in by Professor Bernd Rohbach and was put forward as a creative technique for finding ideas.

The process goes on until all 6 rounds of the worksheet are filled in e. This website also uses Disqus cookies. Benno van Aerssen can not only lead your team in the method, but also has enough experience to know how this method can be optimally integrated into btainwriting innovation processes.

But by the same token, it could increase the relevance of the output. The people you select to take part in this process should all have knowledge of the issue that you are facing, and they should all have experience in this area.

Brainwriting – Wikipedia

How Having everyone share a deep background of of the topic at hand is important so that not one single expert can overtly influence the quality of the output. All ideas are recorded on the worksheet, this means that nobody has to be in charge of taking notes brainweiting the session and this adds a motivational factor since it is possible to keep track of the author of a particular idea.

The optimum number of participants is brainwrihing, who each produce three initial ideas and then pass their worksheets round five times. Journal of Medical Design.