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of Global Jihad: The Life of Al-Qaeda Strategist Abu Mus’ab. +. A Terrorist’s Call to Global Jihad: Deciphering Abu Musab al-Suri’s Islamic Jihad Manifesto. Architect of Global Jihad: The Life of Al Qaeda Strategist Abu Mus’ab al-Suri . A Terrorist’s Call to Global Jihad: Deciphering Abu Musab al-Suri’s Islamic Jihad. Drawing on new sources, the authors argue that Abu Musab al Suri (real name Mustafa Setmariam Nasar), now in U.S. custody, is the principle.

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The broader historical record does not refute that logic, but it suggests there was more to it than that. Mustafa Setmariam Nasar wrote in support of the East Turkestan Independence Movement and praised the conquest of Kashgar by Qutayba ibn Muslim and Yaqub Begpraising the latter’s buildings of educational institutions for Islam and Mosques and calling him “Attalik Ghazi” and a “good man” for his war against Buddhists and Chinese.

Free Press,p. Indeed, Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi was irate at the apparent effort to mussb under his nose, and he pushed his chain of command to respond.

There are reasons why jihadist ideologues like al-Suri came to use such vitriolic and harsh words about leading Salafist clerics. Furthermore, it may misleadingly identify contemporary jihadists as simply radicalized elements within, or as by-products of, muwab broader Salafist phenomenon. We should lead them like a herd of cows to perform their duty of jihad. The rise of Salafist discourses and doctrines has in many ways reduced the political content in contemporary jihadist ideology and weakened its ability to provide formulas for alliances with other political forces.

Mustafa Setmariam Nasar – Wikipedia

Robert Fuller, who interrogated Mr. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Views Read Edit View history. Abu Musab al-Suri convinced them to join him instead. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Archived from the original on 14 April CIA secret prisons and detainees. It is possible that he fled Spain because of suspicions he was ahu in the Islamist terror bombings in France. Retrieved 2 Sep Al-Zarqawi did not swear allegiance to Usama bin Ladin for another five years, and the two men had very different visions of jihad.

The muasb by Al-Suri in Inspire have actually been taken word for word and translated directly from Brynjar Lia’s book about him, Architect of Global Jihad.

Nasar’s camp was formally part of Taliban ‘s Ministry of defense, and separate from al-Qaida and bin Laden’s organization, whom he had fallen out with in He has held Spanish citizenship since the late s following marriage to a Spanish woman. University of Pennsylvania Press. Retrieved 1 August Ak-suri articles in this series appeared in the next 5 issues of Inspire.

Mustafa Setmariam Nasar

Nasar was reportedly captured in the Pakistani city of Quetta in late Octoberalthough exactly where and when is disputed. Its influence on the jihadist current has grown ever since [9].

Retrieved 11 February But bin Ladin did not accuse Iran specifically of fabricating the story. This made al-Qaeda crazy. Archived from the original on agu February He styled himself as a writer, theorist and strategist, not as a Muslim ab.

Obviously, such contemptuous attitudes opened up serious cleavages in the Arab-Afghan diaspora regarding the future course of action, especially with regard to their position on the Taliban. He later recalled in his musba how people like him were denounced as politicos and even heretics by the Salafists: Hurst Publishers,p.

Differences over the primacy of religious-theological purity versus military-strategic effectiveness have also come to light. Yale University Press, forthcoming. Agu International Foundation al-Haramain Foundation. Abd al-Hadi explained that the men muab affiliated with the Iraqi opposition leader Ahmed Chalabi, who later emerged as a leading voice encouraging the United States to invade Iraq.


Archived from the original on 20 January Al-Zarqawi considered both ideologically lax and embraced jihadist preachers the Taliban evicted from other training camps.

He is the author of The Master Plan: While a useful starting point, the typology provides little guidance in terms of understanding doctrinal disputes and conflicts within the jihadist current itself [5]. Archived from the original on 1 August Abu Musab al-Suri is one of the most fascinating jihadis of the past 40 years.

In he formed a media and research center in Kabul and in he was allowed to open his own training camp, the al-Ghuraba Camplocated in Kargha, near Kabul. Free Press, pp.

There is little doubt that doctrinaire Salafist influences have profoundly altered the ideological character of the jihadist current since the early s, following decades of Qutbist dominance in militant Islamic rhetoric.

Nasar has red hair, green eyes, and a white complexion. Al-Suri also found that the Salafists shared the responsibility for the spread of takfiri excommunication ideas and practices within the jihadist current.

It illustrates that even among jihadis, personality—and personal ambition—matters. Architect of Global Jihad: Much of the story holds up. Hurst and Columbia University Press, Nasar was enlisted as a military trainer at the camps for Arab volunteer fighters, and he also fought at the frontlines against Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Communist government in Kabul after the Soviet withdrawal in However, they should not have any leadership role at all.