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Acidobacterium is proposed as a new genus for the acidophilic, chemoorganotrophic bacteria containing menaquinone isolated from acidic mineral. Acidobacterium capsulatum ATCC Annotation. manual Show organism. Taxonomy. TAX Lineage. Bacteria; Acidobacteria; Acidobacteriales. KEGG pathway maps. Metabolism. Global and overview maps. Metabolic pathways Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites Microbial.

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Acidobacteria capsulatum

The flagella themselves are peritrichous or found all over the surface of the cell. Another characteristic of this organism is the presence of high amounts of exopolysaccharide coating the cells from soil isolates 2. This contributes to the competitiveness of A. Members of this phylum are presumably ubiquitous in soil environments and A.

Soil samples from Australian forest and Arizona indicated that A. Here, members of the Acidobacteria phylum including A.

In addition, they are frequent and sometimes dominant in iron-rich environments such as abandoned mines 2. This can be attributed to their mode of respiration, iron-reduction, which can play a significant role in iron cycling in these environments.

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When oxygen concentrations are low or depleted, A. As ferric iron exists more favourably in low pH levels, the tolerance to acidity appears adaptive for these microbes Fig 2. The frequency of A. This is unique for A. Bacterial cellulose biofilm is hypothesized to be able to promote and facilitate adherence to ferric-iron substrates 8which can be quite useful in nutrient starved environments.

Acidobacteria capsulatum – microbewiki

Furthermore, the benefits of cellulose biofilms also include protection from desiccation or drying out and physical support. Toxins produce by this system are known to inhibit DNA synthesis and relatedly, protein synthesis 9. This system allows A. They are however, capable of nitrite reduction.

The diverse modes of respiration and survival mechanisms in the A. The size of A. Comparative genome analysis between the three bacterial species Fig 2 showed most of the shared genes encoded for conserved cell function.

Genes that were different represented some difference in pathways and substrate preference. For example, unlike the other two, A. Much of capsjlatum proteins encoded by A. In addition, phylogenetic trees using 16s rRNA markers also show Acidobacteria and Proteobacteria being closely related compared to other phylums There is research being conducted by researchers at Fort Lewis College, investigating A.


Relatedly, future research as suggested by Ward et al.

Acidobacterium capsulatum – Genome Result

Structure, function and immunochemistry of bacterial exopolysaccharides. Acidobacteria form a coherent but highly diverse group within the bacterial domain: Members of the phylum Acidobacteria are dominant and metabolically active in acidobacteriium soil. Characterization of the ferrous iron uptake system of Escherichia coli. Gene expression profiling of Escherichia coli growth transitions: Diverse uncultivated bacterial groups from soils of the arid southwestern United States that are present in many geographic regions.

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