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AEAT (Tax Agency) offices. de 29 de diciembre, por la que se aprueba el modelo impuesto sobre el valor añadido, autoliquidación (BOE. AEAT Modelo Módulo para la presentación del modelo (IVA – Autodeclaración) de la Agencia Española de Administración Tributaria. Instrucciones del. Presentación del Modelo AEAT Módulo para la presentación del modelo (IVA – Autodeclaración) de la Agencia Española de Administración Tributaria .

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The official text for this page is the Spanish version. At this point, you will be asked to identify yourself via the access method: Take into account, however, that income tax forms that do not admit filing with Cl ve PIN do not permit payment using this system of identification.

Habilitar en mldelo navegador las SSL3.

Mantenimiento Ordenadores Informaticos Informatica dice: Those who need to be included in the register of business persons, professionals and withholders should submit a declaration of registration using form or En concreto, las acciones que lleva a cabo el configurador son: If you are making the payment on behalf of another person, bear in mind that to obtain a NRC through the Tax Agency payment gateway, the certificate holder and the account holder must coincide as payment originators, but the NIF provided to the Collaborating Entity to obtain the NRC will always be that of the taxpayer.

A nadie se le ocurre llevar adelante una empresa sin tener el asesoramiento Fiscal y Laboral correspondiente. Bear in mind that it must be a Partner Entity that is approved in the system.

If you are making the payment on behalf of a third party, using the tax return holder’s bank account, you, as the payment originator, must be authorised to carry out this operation. The payment of different self-assessments with Cl ve PIN will be set up progressively.


To make the payment on behalf of a third party, you must select the box “Payment with power of attorney from the taxpayer’s account” in the form, under the details of the Financial Institution. Form – Form On-line processing. Abrir una consola y teclee java —version. Form on paper may be submitted in person at the indicated offices or sent to them by registered post. Tax register of business persons, professionals and withholders – Tax register declaration of registration, modification and removal and simplified tax register declaration.

Te contare si funciona. Payment of self assessments obtaining an NRC.

You will have 3 options on this page: No se que pasa con mis certificados pero cuando entro en la pagina de la aeat no me deja elegir el certificado con modlo que quiero trabajar, siempre me sale uno por defecto, no me pregunta. Y encima se quejan…. Asi que cada x tiempo, se vuelve a rehacer… mas dinero gastado del herario publico. Hola a todos, gracias por este post.

Declaración complementaria o sustitutiva: ¿Cómo corregir una declaración ya presentada?

Puede descargarse la revista en pdf en el siguiente enlace: Payment on behalf of third parties from the account owned by the taxpayer For payment operations via a payment on account, since the Resolution of 3 June came into force, you can make the payment on the Tax Agency website from an account owned by the taxpayer, when the debit order is made by a different person. Sobre los Active xlo recomendable es solo trabajar sobre sitios de confianza, agregando la pagina https: It is a character code provided by Collaborating Entities as proof of payment for online tax return filings.

How to make the payment for self-assessments Once the tax return has been filled in and results in a payment due, which you want to file electronically, and whereby you know the amount of the debt, go to the payment option ” Self-assessment payments ” of the section “Tax payment” of the E-Office and choose the payment method via payment on account or with card.

  FAGOR 1F-2609 PDF

Todo para recaudar y dejarnos los bolsillos temblando. Si eres usuario del sistema operativo Windows 7, debes seguir estas instrucciones. Hacienda tiene su propio cuerpo de informatica pero externalizan todo lo que pueden. Citizen – Company Place of presentation Online.

Ayuda técnica – Modelo – Agencia Tributaria

A form should also be aeqt for modifications or removal from the register. Choose the form that you are going to file under the drop-down list of available forms. A window will then appear with the coded data of the information to be sent.

To make the payment via payment on account, you will need mdoelo have an electronic certificate or electronic DNI, or be registered in the Cl ve PIN identification system.

Tax Agency

Creo que se entiende lo que pasa. Tengo certificado digiral q funciono y de repente no… Si hacienda pagase las horas………. Another requirement is to have funds deposited in financial institutions established as tax collection Collaborators, which offer their customers the online payment service. Calendar, official time and date. Tax returns and self-assessments required by tax regulations that result in a payment due, and for which direct debit has not been selected as a form of payment, need a Complete Reference Number CRNa code that is provided to the Tax Agency after being generated by the Collaborating Entity that managed the charge and which identifies the tax payment made.

Type of procedure Tax Subject Taxes Object Those who need to be included in the register of business persons, professionals and withholders should submit a declaration of registration using form or Creo que es algo exigible.