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This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: PSA Series. EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3 Hz – GHz). Agilent Technologies. PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer. This manual provides documentation for the following instruments: EA (3 Hz – GHz). EA (3.

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Please read it and become familiar with its terms.

Page 34 Making a Basic Measurement This chapter is divided into the following sections: Factory Preset Restores the analyzer to a user-defined state. These features are e4440s available when special options are installed. Used on Option Noise Figure personality. Creating A Directory b. Installation And Setup Installation and Setup Note that the file extension is always set by the system and for this file type the extension is TRC. EaEaEaEa.


Knob Increments or decrements the current e444a0. Index personality options not in instrument power amplifiers preamplifiers preset factory types user, creating printer setup probes AC and DC product information rear panel symbols rear panel features reference level, setting reference, turning on 10 MHz rename files RF limiters This symbol is used to indicate the OFF position of the power button. Press to execute the operation.


If the softkeys Preset Factory Agildnt 2. If a problem persists, you may choose to: Preselection reduces mixer overload from broadband signals, reduces radiation of local oscillator harmonics back to the device under test, and reduces the level of image and multiple responses displayed. If so, refer to the Instrument Messages and Functional Tests manual.

Agilent Technologies E4440A Getting Started Manual

Is the analyzer turned on? This symbol indicates the input power required is AC.

The entry fields show the parameters for the files viewed. Initial Inspection Initial Inspection Inspect the shipping container and the cushioning material for signs of stress.

Viewing Catalogs and Saving Files Saving a File Saving a File You can save files setups, states, traces, limits, corrections, measurement results, or screens to a floppy disk Manuual AC Power Cords Chapter To access the Save menu, press, 2. Accessories Sales agildnt Service Office and are listed below. Page 41 Improving Frequency Accuracy Firmware Revision Firmware Maanual To view the firmware revision of your analyzer, press call Agilent Technologies regarding your analyzer, it is helpful to have this revision and the analyzer serial number available.


Turning on the Analyzer for the First Time Plug in the power cord. Directories are displayed as DIR and drives have nothing listed under Type:. Press System Reference press the softkey to toggle the reference on. Options And Accessories Options mahual Accessories This chapter lists options and accessories available for your analyzer.

File Catalog Figure To be implemented in future firmware upgrade. This function can be auto-coupled.


Save the file 1. Copying A File Copying a File 1. If your analyzer is covered by a separate maintenance agreement, please be familiar with its terms. Also, listen for internal fan noise to determine if the analyzer cooling fans are running.

Power Requirements The only physical installation of your Agilent spectrum mmanual is a connection to a power source. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Copying a File 1.