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Albert Mathiez was born to an innkeeper’s family at La Bruyère in eastern France on Jan. 10, He graduated from the École Normale in After teaching. Albert Mathiez, an Historian at War. James Friguglietti. The present great war will not only change the face of the world in which we live. It will also transform our. Albert Mathiez, his pupil in method, and for the last twenty years the antagonist of his point of view, was struck down by apoplexy in the middle of a lecture on

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Even after the material conditions which necessitate spiritual nathiez temporal power have been superseded, in other words, Fluss seems to believe they will persist in every time and in every clime.

Being ignorant of history, these socialists were influenced by the teachings of M. Thus the social interpretation of the French Revolution plunges deeply into our historical past. How could anyone accuse of treason and baseness the man who, before dying, leaves such a secret to posterity?

It is significant that it was during the First World War that Mathiez understood the economic necessities for conducting a great national war mathiwz the requirement of a controlled economy; he then wrote the studies that formed, inThe High Cost of Living and the Social Movement during the Terror. No less scandalously, at least from a Marxist perspective, secular institutions — i.

From this flowed the development of the working class movement and the growth of socialist ideas. Mathiez emphasized class conflict.


Having arrived at a more serene vision we will not intervene in this quarrel. The history of the French Revolution could not escape this law. And both ultimately pursue the same goal: The French Revolution and socialism albeert in the air.

Aulard counted himself among the ranks of the republican bourgeoisie. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. However, by he was attacked by Stalinist historians who condemned Mathiez and also “Jacobinism” as mathoez of the proletarian revolution. Consequently, a revisionist line confronts the classical social interpretation. Likewise the need for a repressive apparatus, the administrative machinery of government, never fully fades.

Albert Mathiez

There is no question that I arrive at slbert conclusions on more than one important point, but it is because he wrote before me that I was able to undertake certain investigations that would not have taken place without him.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, for example, scolded their Hegelian colleague, Georg Daumer, for promoting a new pantheistic creed.

Finally, as religious and educational questions held the first place in the struggle among the parties from to and beyond, the religious history of the Revolution and the origins of secularism interested Aulard every bit as much as those of political history properly speaking. Whatever one might think of this doctrine it cannot be denied that it stimulated historical research and oriented it towards new paths.

After teaching for a short time in the provinces, he returned to Paris to prepare a doctoral thesis under the direction of Alphonse Aulard. Mathiez wrote in He studied under Aulardwhose scientific method he adopted, although mathlez led him to different conclusions.

Jaurès, Mathiez, and the History of the Revolution by Albert Soboul

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. That dry-hearted generation was no longer capable of understanding the great men of the Revolution, who were so different from them. It is this triple heritage that we intend to sustain and promote. From the beginning, this interpretation alone, through its scholarly demands and critical reflection, established itself as truly scientific: The First World War arrived.


Albert Mathiez |

And not just Russian and French society but of society in general. The historiography of the French Revolution has remained at that point: These concerns imposed themselves with all the more force because socialism, in the form given it by Marx, rests on a concept whose vigor exercised a strong intellectual attraction, by which we mean, in the ideological field of the period, historical materialism mzthiez, more broadly, the economic interpretation of history.

Three years after presenting his thesis Mathiez broke with Aulard, beginning a feud that continued for the rest of his life. Several things are already implied by this statement. They shared all his anti-Robespierrist prejudices.

The French Revolution has often been presented as the crowning achievement of the century of the Enlightenment and thus essentially as an ideological act. Perhaps this is too literal, though, reading too much into too little.