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It is a presentation on the CSR initiatives taken up by AMUL Please note that the presentation (ppt) does not contain the initiatives in detail. Csr of amul. 1. By AA AAKANKSH BHOIR (06) RAMESH MOOPANAR (32) RITESH SHINDE (42) N NITESH SRIVASTAVA (47) ANKIT. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been defined as the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development.

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The information submitted is true and original to the best of my knowledge. Second csd plantation programme 15th August, in which around In many villages the milk producer aul planted the trees after performing the Puja worship of saplings before planting them. In the following yearthey planted more than 5,05, saplings of which 1,79, have survived. Generally income from milk is considered to be earned by them.

Based on this report, viability and procurement of milk, the first general body meeting of the society is convened a,ul decide or pass resolutions on the following:. Operation Flood has made the country self sufficient in milk and milk products through modernization of our dairy industry. There are 12 district co-operatives each being managed by a member board elected by the college comprising the nominated representatives or chairmen of the village co-operatives.

The Anand Pattern is essentially an economic organizational pattern to benefit small producers who join hands forming an integrated approach in order to economy of a large scale business. Csg was just the beginning.

CSR Initiatives

Some of the activities covered under this programme are: It aims at encouraging discussion among dairy farmers on scientific animal husbandry practices and its application. This has improved further the returns to the hands of dairy farmers. Modern concepts like organization, technology, and social concern are entering the rural areas. There are 6, 34, members registered with the Union. The focus on health and hygiene, housekeeping, village chilling units, management of village co-operative societies, rapid transportation of raw milk cwr dairy plant, accelerated milk aml at the dairy reception dock has retained the freshness of milk being received at dairy plant.


CSR Initiatives

In year car in yearin mass tree plantation programme around Click Here For More Details. During this visit they are shown dairy plants, their upkeep, international standards of hygiene and quality; the practices adopted for clean milk production, and above all the cooperative philosophy. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organizations are increasingly more involved in green initiatives by adopting sustainable processes and practices, adapting products and services to the low-carbon economy and innovating in all areas their business. Log In Sign Up. By winning this award, not only the student gets recognized, but it also help the schools to enhance their image as an academy that imparts quality education, worth emulating by others.

This programme aims at bringing together all members, including Chairman, Management Committee Members and respective producer members of Dairy Co-operative Societies to identify and solve their problems.

What are the requirements to become a member of the society?

Under Operation Flood the entire institutional infrastructure set up at anul village level, the district level and the state level is owned and operated by the farmers themselves. The information submitted in the project is true and original to the best of our knowledge. But AMUL has shown the way.

The initiation of Total Quality Management TQM way back in was to work with the well known quality management initiatives which have proven to be effective elsewhere to create a culture of transparency, openness and leadership in the organization.

The first tier is the co-operative society at the village,of which; milk producers are voluntary members, managing the co-operative through a democratically elected 9-member managing committee, and doing business by purchasing milk from members and selling it to the district level co-operative.


The team accepted the idea by heart and immediately decided to spread it among farmer members of village dairy cooperative societies. It is a Union of primary village co-operative societies within a district.

Next day after the programme on a post programme press note was prepared giving details of the programme celebrations along with photographs. To link these milksheds to the city market and ensure a year-round sustained milk supply, the National Milk Grid with storage and long-distance transport facilities was created.

In last five years to the milk producers have planted around Competency Building Module of the GCMMF is meant to infuse professional selling skills by making the distributors and their salesmen aware of latest sales management tools and techniques; enhance their knowledge of products; positioning and segmentation strategies for various products. What is the procedure to form a Village Co-operative Society?

Since men are the basis for achieving the CSR, the GCMMF lays emp-hasis on their development into competent, courteous, credible, reliable, responsive communicators and performers. Discharge of this responsibility is reflected in the manner in which the GCMMF conducts its business and shares its earnings. In order to provide 24 hrs services, Amul has today twelve veterinary-sub-centers with the Head Office at Anand and supported by more than 75 veterinary ajul vans with the best communication system.

Indeed, a very tough task. In AugustAmul introduced Kool Koko, a chocolate milk brand extending its product fsr in the milk products segment.

By doing so, milk producers of Gujarat Dairy Cooperatives have shown their concern, awareness and commitment for betterment of environment.