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Amy Renfrey is a photography expert from Australia. As the author of digital photography success, she knows all kinds of great techniques to improve your. Recently I sat down with pro photographer Amy Renfrey of the Focus ezine. She’s just returned from a vacation and shared some of the photos she took with me. Amy Renfrey is a photography expert who teaches aspiring photographers topnotch photography techniques through her websites. She has photographed.

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The newsletter is completely FREE. Popular Latest Comments Tags. Amy teaches some of the basic principles of digital photographybut renfreh goes into lots of detail on more advanced topics as well. These days, it is easy to get your hands on a DSLR camera, but it is difficult to find tutorials that you can learn from quickly. And her educational eBooks take the most complex photography ideas, concepts, and terms and turn them into easy to understand tools that anyone, at any level of photography, can easily use to learn to create great photos — in a very short time.

I am just an amateur photographer but eager to learn.

If you’re a landscape photography enthusiast, Powerful Landscape Photography by Amy Renfrey is just the e-book you need. About Us Photography Articles.

Amy Renfrey

Thank you renfrwy your video I enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot. January 21, at 4: Based on photography classes I had taken before, I thought it was important to have at least some video demonstration. Thanks for making everything so easy to understand. Very encouraging video-I will try out suggestions and see what magic they produce.


An Interview With Amy Renfrey

Amy… this presentation was so helpful. My motto is “Help the world take better photos”! And btw I agree with Amy about sepia tone. You will definitely NOT rsnfrey confused.

The two of you were great together — loved the content and the simple, efficient delivery. I plan to sign up for the offfer as soon as David makes it available. She continued on improving her skills, and now her photos already renfreyy the jaw-dropping factor professional pictures have. I shot my girls ten years ago when they were 1 and 3 on the beach.

These tips will help you master your camera and take simply stunning photos. No obligation to buy. Oh, that, and the fact that you are a fellow Aussie!!! You helped me to understand so much, explained the technical terms in an easy to understand manner.

It is renfdey good to have things explained in non-technical terms. They hogged the secrets to themselves, probably in fear of a new competition.

By guiding you through how to change the settings may what specifically they do, Rennfrey welcomes you to a fantastic new world of digital photography, one where renfrye hold the camera, and anything is possible. You’ll find yourself taking better shots by using just two or three tips! Amy had several humiliating encounters with professional photographers that almost made her want to quit. Amy also maintains a photography blog, digitalphotographysecrets.


Digital Photography Success by Amy Renfrey. January 15, at I dressed them up in pretty little dresses gave them feather boas and a silver tea set and shot them having a tea party on the beach Put it into an oil painting setting in sepia, printed them out on canvas and they came out gorgeous!

Amy Renfrey Books Show Digital Photography Secrets That You Always Wanted | Amy Renfrey

My Photos Gallery July 5, January 15, at 1: More about this product Amy stands alone as an authority in photography and digital photography education on the internet. Maybe I am doing something wrong. We will never share your private info If you have read about photography, specifically about digital photography and refnrey for improving at it, you have probably already come across some of her fine work.

January 14, at 2: