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The investigations in Pteridophytes probably of most interest and importance ing of apogamy and apospory, it is important to define these terms at the outset. Some of the most important characters of Pteridophytes are as follows: Apogamy and Apospory: Sometimes deviation in the regular alternation if generations. Apogamy, apospory and parthenogenesis in the Pteridophytes II Steil, W.N.. Bot Rev: This is a supplement to the review which appeared in Bot.

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The cause of apospory involves deficiency of mineral nutrition, development of leaves under dim light etc.

13 Important Characters of Pteridophytes – Explained!

Ultrastructural aspects of apospory and apogamy. Textbook of botany Strasburger’s textbook of botany, rewritten.

Structure and Reproduction Replication Cycle. In some genera, it is possible to identify and name hundreds or even thousands of microspecies, which may be grouped together as species aggregatestypically listed in floras with the convention ” Genus species agg.

Efficient induction of apospory and apogamy in vitro in silver fern Pityrogramma calomelanos L. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 62 4: In botanyapomixis was defined by Hans Winkler as replacement of the normal sexual reproduction by asexual reproductionwithout fertilization. Agamospermy, asexual reproduction through seeds, occurs in flowering plants aposopry many different mechanisms [5] and a simple hierarchical classification of the different types is not possible.

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German ptsridophytes might prefer to consult Rutishauser Apogamy, apospory and parthenogenesis in the Pteridophytes II. The development of sporangia may be eusporangiate from a group of cells, e. Recent Advances and Remaining Conundrums”. Views Read Edit View history.

Apospory | botany |

The differentiation of rhizome segments into gametophytes or sporophytes was conditioned by the length of the rhizome segments and the sucrose concentration of the medium. Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory: Sign In or Create an Account. For androgenetic alopecia, see Pattern hair loss.

In some cases sporophylls for compact structures called cones or strobili e. The sporophyte may be homosporous pterivophytes g. The leaves bearing sporangia are called sporophylls. A Case Study from Polystichoid Ferns. Dryopteris or heterosporous e. In vitro studies on apogamy apospory and controlled differentiation of rhizome segments of the fern p ampelopteris prolifera p.

The spore germinates into an inconspicuous, free-living, photosynthetic thalIoid gametophyte called prothallus.

Apogamy, apospory and parthenogenesis in the Pteridophytes II

Oxford Pteridophytee Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Primary root short lived and replaced by adventitious roots. Sometimes deviation in the regular alternation if generations are noticed in the form of apogamy and apospory. Consequently, there are almost as many different usages of terminology for apomixis in angiosperms as there are authors on the subject.

See also androgenesis and androclinesis described below, a type of male apomixis that occurs in a conifer, Cupressus dupreziana. Sign in via your Institution Sign in. In vitro studies on apogamy, apospory and controlled differentiation of rhizome segments of the fern, Ampelopteris prolifera Retz. Selaginella, Marsilea, Azolla etc. Azolla, Selaginella but a few are perennial woody tree fern e. In gametophytic apomixisthe embryo arises from an unfertilized egg cell i. Developmental evidence helps resolve the evolutionary origins of anther appendages aposlory Globba Zingiberaceae.


The possible significance of all the results is discussed. Examples of apomixis can be found in the genera Crataegus hawthornsAmelanchier shadbushSorbus rowans and whitebeamsRubus brambles or blackberriesPoa meadow grassesNardus stricta MatgrassHieracium hawkweeds and Taraxacum dandelions.

The sporophytes of plants of pteidophytes groups may also have the ability to form a plant that looks like a gametophyte but with the ploidy level of the sporophyte, a phenomenon known as apospory. Most users should sign in with their email address. The central cell of the megagametophyte may require fertilization to form the endospermpseudogamous gametophytic apomixisor in autonomous gametophytic apomixis fertilization is not required.

Answer Now and help others. The University of Chicago press.

This definition notably does not mention meiosis. The gametophytes of bryophytesand less commonly ferns and lycopods can develop a group of cells that grow to look like a sporophyte of the species but with the ploidy level of the gametophyte, a phenomenon known as apogamy.