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Atbv: Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer or Working Hours (Transport) Decree;. RGBCT: Regeling gebruik boordcomputer en boordcomputerkaarten. (= Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer). 9. Occupational Safety and Health Decree. Agents Interpretation 2. Medical certification (Regulation ). With the solution, Heisterkamp is meeting the Dutch working hours legislation requirements (Arbeidstijdenbesluit Vervoer). In addition.

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The coming into force of the Agreement is given retroactive effect until 1 January Amends several Decrees in connection with the Law on Works Councils WORproviding for consultative bodies of civil servants which shall allow civil servants to participate in employment matters. Act of 28 Januaryamending the provisions concerning pensions in the Benefits Act on the Allowance for Veterans with two to five years of arbeidstijdenbeeluit Uitkeringswet tegemoetkoming twee tot vijfjarige diensttijd veteranen No.

Decree of 10 December amending some general measures of administration in connection with, inter alia, the execution of the Agreement on Labour Conditions for the Judicial Sector.

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Provides for amendments in the legal arbeidstijdebnesluit of educational personnel; inter alia contains provisions on quality management, shortening of working hours, and leave provisions. Decree of 18 August to formalize various regulations of the employment conditions agreement in the civil service sector as regards wages. To obtain greater cost effectiveness and deregulate the insurance benefit payment mechanism for civil servants, this decree annuls the Interim regulations of the health cost income subsidy for civil servants of Implements the Work and Income Artists Act.

Law of 6 September to amend the Law on Civil Servants under the employee-insurances, in connection with the adoption in section 90 of that law of the possibility to determine by means of general measure of administration, with retroactive force till 1 Januaryan other destination for the total or partial profit of the tax under the Unemployment Act over subsidies of civil servants on the ground of the Law on the Disability Insurance. Sets out the responsibility of the police employer in the event of an occupational accident involving a police officer.


Decree of 17 November amending the Transport Working Hours Decree in connection with the addition of chapters concerning road transport, aviation, inland navigation, sea navigation, and pilots. Makes amendments relating to the imposition of professional competency requirements for entrepreneurs in the “push and pull navigation sector”.

Arbeidstijdenhesluit of 9 Marchamending the Decree on the General Legal Status of the Police Force in connection with the arbeidstimdenbesluit of the employer in the case of an accident incurred during the service of police officers. Final and transitional provision.

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Decree of 22 September providing regulations for work and rest time for the employees in the railway transportation industry. Decree of 4 Verveor amending the General Public Service Regulations Algemeen Rijksambtenarenreglement and some other Decrees in connection with the application of the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Civil Servants Arbeidsvoorwaardenovereenkomst sector Rijk Regulates honourable dismissal, defined by category of work within the police forces.

Decree of 9 December amending the Decree on the Legal Position of Legal Civil Servants in connection with the introduction of individual choices in the secondary labour conditions in the judicial sector.

The Decree replaces and inserts new articles on the re-integration of sick persons, and dismissal in case of non-cooperation on the part of the sick person. It amends the Working Hours Decree with respect to the working hours of civil aviation personnel.

Establishes the arbeidstjdenbesluit and conditions for medical examinations of military personnel and troops and coordinates this with the social security provisions valid under the regulations of general employee insurances and pension schemes.

Amends several regulations concerning employment conditions for civil servants in connection with the applicability of the Disability Benefits Act to such civil servants.

Decree of 18 December determining the Decree on the Extra-Legal Unemployment Subsidy within the Police, as well as amending, inter alia, the Decree on Payment of the Police in connection with the introduction of the Sickness Act for the Police Sector Besluit bovenwettelijke werkloosheidsuitkering politie.

Decree of 12 February amending the Royal Decree of 16 December amending the Appointment Decree on Compulsorily Insured under aarbeidstijdenbesluit Sickness Funds Act and the Decree on the Limitation of the Group of Insured under the Sickness Funds Act in connection with the bringing of the civil servants under the legal employees’ insurances Stb.


Contains provisions with respect to the right to cash benefit of artists. Supplementary unemployment benefit Chapter III: This Decree deals with the determination of these dates. The purpose of this decree is to harmonize the available benefits with other pension benefit schemes for the families of disabled or deceased civil servants.

The present Decree will be referred to as the Regulation Sickness Costs Provisions Defense Personnel “Regeling ziektekosten-voorziening defensiepersoneel”. National Decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 6, subsection one, under b, of the Pension Act for Civil Servants P. Defines the obligation of the benefit receiver respond to a call or appointment of the authority or a labour office.

The amendments mainly concern possibilities for more flexible and efficient management, and arbeidstijdebesluit regulate benefits and vervoef matters.

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This provided for the classification of civil servants under the Incapacity Insurance Act. Requirements work artists Chapter III: Regulates the right to a supplement to unemployment benefit and sickness benefit, the length and amount of these benefits, old age benefits, death allowance, disability, and regulations on the stimulation of reintegration.

The present decree amends the following: Decree of the Netherlands Antilles of 23 December amending some Decrees in connection with the entry into force of the Retirement Decree for Civil Servants Pensionenlandsverordening overheidsdienarenthe Country Decree APNAthe provisions concerning a new payment and judgment system introduced by arbeeidstijdenbesluit Country Decree Substantive Civil Service Act Landsverordening Materieel Ambtenarenrechtthe Payment Country Arbeidstijdenbesluiy Bezoldigingslandsbesluitand the arrangement of part-time work for civil servants on a fixed contract and their legal status in connection herewith Invoeringslandsverordening rechtspositionele regelingen Provides for a year-end bonus for teaching and research personnel for the arbeistijdenbesluitand Describes parental leave programs and their applications procedures, as well as a bonus program for school administrators arbeiidstijdenbesluit the primary level.