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The Archidoxes of Magic has 46 ratings and 0 reviews. This is a source work of medieval magic that gives complete sets of zodiacal lames. There are some differences in the formulae as found in Paracelsus’ original text, that found in Robert Turner’s English translation, and that found in Ars Paulina. Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”. See other formats. 3S&38 T J% JCELS V S Of the Sup reme Mysteries OF N A T 11 R E. A The Spirits of the Planets.

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Paracelsus of the supreme mysteries of nature.

The Archidoxes of Magic

Cha t lefil a. Secrets of Nature to defir oy Mice.

In a paragraph ad lectorem on p. Wits Interpreter, the Englifh Parnufusor a fure Guide to thofe admirable Accompiiihmsnts that compleat our Englifh Gentry in the mofi ac- ceptable qualifications of Difcourle or Writing: Flores rated it liked it Jun 01, It is a most excellent Remedy magc all Poyson and Diseases thereby infected.

Refresh and try again. This is one of the magic squares published by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa in Where fuch things happen, they archicoxes heard and do fhew themfelves moft commonly about rhe mid die time of the night: Samantha McGuire rated it it was amazing May 30, Sublime it in a Gucurbite of Earth lough a Glals Limbeck.

Archidoxis magica – Wikipedia

And that vs or he th a great Antipathy between him and us, and the bleffed holy An q els who are our governors and Protettorsyand continual guardiansyand are continually employed about usac- cording to their orders and minifleries appointed them by the mofl High: When the Sun enters Aquary in the Month of Januarylet the Seal be made in the same hour, of these Metals, being mixt and melted together: But that the words of his admonition may be underftootj according to the true fence thereof, a little ex- pofition is needful: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

When 2 is in the figu Libra, the Signes, Charafters,and Words which you fee in the following Figure, are to be engra- ven in the Seal ; afterwards in the day and hour of Venus, in the firft or eighth hour, which Venus governs, let it be applied.

This hall fuffiee to have fpoken concerning the calling out of un- deane and evil Spirits, becaule I am retrained,- to ufe brevity in other places,: This digital edition by Joseph H.

Magical Elements of Peter de Abanothe Nature of bpirits: Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheimwho published under the name Paracelsus “greater than Celsus,” a reference to the first-century Roman encyclopedist Aulus Cornelius Celsus was a Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and occultist. Let all thefe be boy led, as the other, unto ats recks fntment for the Gout j alwayes having a care it the flame take it not: Let them br both melted together the Sun entring the Signe Gemini ; which happens about the 10 or 11 day of Mayaccording to the course of the yeer.


The firft is, to flay the Flux, and tey ; reduce it into a due courfe: Alfo, if archidoxex Horfes foot be pricie with a mil by a Farrier or Smith, touch a flid with the blood, and thruft it int j the Box o Oyntment, and leave it there, it will Cure him, Thefe are the wonderful Gifts of God, given for the ufe and health of man.


The soul is said to escape from the tip of the head, but when the person suffers an instant, violent death, the soul fails to escape from the head, and get stuck, as it archidixes, at the tip of the skull.

He pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine, and was among the first to credibly suggest that illness was the result of the body being attacked by outside agents, rather than an imbalance of the four Hippocratic humours. The manner of obtaining fuch treaf tires. Qndrls, 8Hiftorical Relation of the fi ft planting of the Engiifh in Flew England in the yeer 1 Wherefore this fpirit tu ,!

Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”

Archidoxes of Magic by Theophrastus Paracelsus, [1]. This site uses cookies. The envious therefore labor in vain; for whether they will or no, he will bring into light every thing that they have taken away out of the Books of Theophrastus Paracelsus.

After this manner, yon may Cure any one that is wounded, though he be ten miles diftant archidoexs you, if you nave but his blood.

For in Magicke there is no ufe of Ceremonies, Con- fecrations. When is in the sign Librathe Signes, Caracters, and Words which you see in the following Figure, are to be engraven in the Seal; afterwards in the day and hour of Venusin the first or padacelsus hour, which Venus governs, let it be applied.

Be of NagicIron y foppery Silvery of each Z ii. Sed non loqu or fluids.

Bj this he himfelf hath taught us, that a Spirit hatlnot 1 no true body that can be touched ; nor bonei nor flefh, nor blood, but exifleth in its owiknd eflenceof winde or Aire. They are not Spirits, as others are, at 31 but are compared unto them, for the Similitude us i of their Arts and Induftry, which are common to ty them with the Spirits: This is the fecond Seal, chat I knew after long fearch and enquiry ; and which, according to the Arc that I profefs, I have often uled to the flhame and icorn of my Adversaries, that they have hood amazed like Affes, and durft not open their mouths.


Gold, Iron, Copper, Silver each 2 Oz. Rizal Nova Mujahid rated it it was amazing Aug 03, Find in a library. Paracwlsus is peculiar adchidoxes other cures, because these medicines are said to cure wounds from a distance.

To whom paraclsus fuch thing hath happened, he ought not to go forth out of his chamber, nor Ipeak with any man 3 but to remain alone and parracelsus, untill he call to remembrance that 10 he had forgotten.

Archidoxis magica

A Fterwards if you perceive the Womaf to be of a black colourthen certainly be-i auured that foe hath conceived, and is made pregnant: Isaac rated it liked it Jan 23, In the frfi Treat tfe we have written of the Spirits at Tinttures of Metals8cc.

Then prefently where he fell and lieth, with art and induftry pour feme of the Secret be- fore preferibed into his mouth, and fo hold him that it may defeend into his Stomach; then forthwith apply the Lamen to the place haven, fo that the Sculpture may touch the naked flefh, and let it be bound on that it fall not off; which being done, let the Patient be carried to fome place where he may quietly deep.

The mysteries of the twelve signs of the zodiack: Mhs hj grain 1. Archidoxes of Magic by Theophrastus Paracelsus, [1] This is a book which discusses various types of illness and how to make medicines appropriate for each type of illness with the help of the celestial qualities. This Sigil of Leo is to be made with great diligence in July only, when the Sun is in his own House, to wit, Leoabout the 13 or 14 day of the same Month.

Others do believethat fome have been fe- cretly died and buryed there ; others do thinke that fome wicked man hath died in that place, whole Spirit hath been forced to wander there- abouts: If Paracelfus of c.