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Archive issues for (PDFs) audioXpress has been serving up the best in DIY, electronics, audioXpress Issue January audioXpress April PDF. 24 | April | ax. When I first | April | 25 “OPPO 95 BDP Blu-ray Player,” audioXpress, January ———. AudioXpress April DownloadReport. Published on Mar View Download 6. Please download to view. Tube, Solid State,. Loudspeaker.

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AudioXpress April Download Report.

Calaméo – AudioXpress April – Sample Issue

Published on Mar View Download 6. Any commercial use of such ideas or designs without prior written permission is an infringement of the copyright protection of the work of each contributing author. All sub-scriptions begin with the current issue. E-mail is required for the digital edition. Or online at www.

A gift card will be sent.

No responsibility is assumed for unsolicited manuscripts. Include a self-addressed envelope with return postage. The staff will not answer aprill queries by telephone. Printed in the USA. Copyright by Audio Amateur Corporation. Send address changes to: By Claudio Negro and Valerio Russo His latest amp project keeps it simple Great values on an assortment of products.

You cant afford to miss a single day. So check it out at www. Our purpose was to design and construct a complete do-it-yourself audio system. After many conversations about the affordable architectures and power re-quests, we ended up choosing two un-common amplifiers: A and the Hypex UcD Audioxpdess latter is a class D amplifier from the Dutch company Hypex www.


The UcD is to be covered in the second part of this article. In this two-part article, the authors present two amplifiers capable of satisfying many users power needs. Ideally mated with high efficiency, 34 mm dome Audax tweeter with JA-waveguide. Where other coils get overheated, youjust order Jantzen C-Coils. Designed for bass, subwoofers andamplifiers.

Absolutely the closest to the idealinductor in the World. Hard as a rock. New round wire coil made of 1. Available as air cored coil and with non-ferrite core.

Superior Cap Even the finestnuances can be heard. The sound never gets over-edged,really superb naturalness witha somewhat bright top-end. Silver Cap Super smooth cap withoutany harsh additions to the sound.

Absolutely neutral tonal apil. A truly outstanding audio part. Silver Gold Cap More resolution,more sound stage.

Audioxpress magazine april 2011 download

Fast reaction, life feeling and natural sound. The in-terest aroused by the My Ref. With the thread counts to-taling more than pages.

Figures 1 and 2 show, respectively, the amplification circuit and the power supply with a speaker protection sec-tion.

From the schematic you notice that the My Ref. These are all uncommon features in modern audio amplifiers. Moreover, the Italian design-er of this project has studied Graham Maynards reverse-driven measurements Maynard published various articles on this subject in the magazine EW, be-tween By this test, you can see the DUT damping factor amplitude and phase changes in the audio spectrum. Both Maynard and Penasa found a correlation between the reverse-driven measure-ment and the sonic result.

Their con-clusion was that an amplifier with an almost flat damping factor amplitude, as well as a phase without big rotations, ensures a clean and balanced sound.


If you are interested in the topic, you can read more about it on Mauros home page: There wouldnt be that much interest from the DIY community if this projects musicality or electronic circuit were lacking.

This article uses the first revision A. In this version Pe-nasa wanted to reproduce the sound of a single-stage class A amplifier, such as the JLH 10W or the Aleph, while the rev.

AudioXpress April 2018 – Sample Issue

C is a different amplifier rather than an upgrade from rev. You can switch from one revision to the other just by substituting a few components, using the same PCB Figs. As you can see, we used a single face Eurocard.

He suggests that, to make the PCB, you use 70m 2 oz. This PCB has all on board, so you just need to add a cabinet, a transform-er, a switch, and a main fuse to get it ready to rock. The components list is in Table 1, the parts suppliers are Farnell www. AudioXpress magazine March Documents. The audioXpress publication suffers Documents. Entire contents copyright April Aueioxpress May April March Article prepared for ezDAC Horn Loudspeaker Homepage Documents.

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