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: Bajiquan Foundational Training Vol. An excellent presentation of Baji Quan —also known as the “bodyguard style of Kung Book reviews. Baji-quan is a quan-shu branch mainly with short attacking strokes and hand In the ancient book the ‘Huai Nan Zi’ it is said that between the Heavens and the. Hello Do you know any good Bajiquan textbooks which could allow me to learn some of the baji techniques on my own? I am mostly interested.

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He had many students and many of them were quite famous. This is usually followed by Pi Chopping. Except for the translation linked in another comment in this thread. The other legend says it means ”empty fist”, possibly due to the bajoquan shape of the fist formed when practicing this style. Easy to understand instructions: Indeed, in the past he led a battalion of resistance fighters against both the Japanese and the Chinese. Ding – This is the concept of going against, of applying pressure or pushing upward against the enemy using the fist, elbow or shoulders.

As there are no written records it is hard to tell. The Origins of Bajiquan Bajiquan is my number one style.

bajiquna There are frequent jumping and twisting techniques and sudden attacks and retreats. In Cang County, there are records.

After ten years of practice the old man said: The old man refused and said, “I’m going to travel a lot, how can I teach you?

How can I teach you? There is a strong unleashing of force followed by immediate relaxation ready for the next action. Wu Zhong had never in his life seen such techniques so he asked the old man to sit down and tell him what he was doing.


Discussion in ‘ Kung Fu ‘ started by NykoutDec 6, Seek out a Baiji instructor and ask them; anything else is a waste of time. This means expressing extreme power in all 8 directions. Wu Zhong asked who he was but the persisted, performed three kowtows, and told him how much it would mean to him to be taught by him. Bajiquan complexes are mandatory for yellow and green belts in the school of the Wushu Federation.

Baji Quan – Six Openings Form

Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. The punch as shown in picture 1 actually starts from a bajiuqan crouching position and spirals up into the final left punch, arm slightly bent, with a simultaneous right shoulder and elbow strike.

The major forms are: Wu Zhong had never in his life seen such techniques so he asked the old man to sit down and tell him what he was doing. The secrets of style. Later he researched Piguazhang. Hello Do you know any good Bajiquan textbooks which could allow me to learn some of the baji techniques on bajquan own?

Baji book list/collection : bajiquan

Until recently he has refused to teach Baji to any Chinese or non – Muslim. Please simply send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. One night, while he was in the middle of training with the sword a man suddenly appeared. I was with him as a child and that is how I can to be his disciple. Modern Baji Quan is commonly traced to over years ago. Do you have English translations of names?

Wu Zhong asked who he was but the old man didn’t answer and started doing some kung-fu.

Baji Quan – Six Openings Form eBook

The Six Openings Form is a beginner level form and abjiquan the practitioner in the following six fundamental concepts of Baji Quan:. I don’t know, I learned it in person and I’m a fairly visual learner for physical movements. Bajquan Quan is a dynamic kung fu system that specializes in close range combat using explosive strikes with the elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. This places the origins in the early Ming. Ghost of Charles Dickens. That must have taken you quite some time!


Wu Zhong asked his name but he refused to tell him. Immediately Wu Zhong knelt down and begged him to accept him as his student.

Bajiquan textbook

The training method is especially crisp and fierce with lively action, thrusting and piercing and throwing. Some referred it to 8 spots of a human body: This fist is then used to strike downward like a rake.

I can not say for sure which one is most likely but here they are: Bok liked martial arts and practised day and night, no matter what weather was like. It’s very difficult to learn Baji from a book. Two years later, again, a stranger appeared. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In the ancient book ‘Huai Nan Zi’ it is vajiquan that between the Heavens and the Earth there are nine ‘Jio’ and eight ‘Ji’; beyond the nine ‘Jio’ there are eight ‘Yan’; beyond the eight ‘Yan’ there are eight ‘Hong’.

Like Chen style Tai Chi, Ba-Ji also utilises ‘Chan Si Jing’ bajiqquan ‘silk reeling energy’ where power coils through the body and is released in a sudden burst of energy, short but strong.