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Dr. Richard Bandler Co-Developer of NLP, DHE®, and NHR® official site. If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is ready to answer any of your questions. So feel free to get in touch with us. My knowledge of DHE began with my trainings with Richard Bandler who was beginning to come up with the idea in the early s.

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Only 1 left in stock – order soon. Meta-States chunks up as no other model does dye articulates the mechanisms and processes by which we create the meta-representation of language and the Meta-Model, how we give birth to our Meta-Programs, and how all of the meta-phenomena beliefs, values, understandings, decisions, identifications, etc.

So its a question of use.

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Yet, after ten years of conducting DHE workshops and experimenting with hallucinating control grids, globes, binoculars, x-ray glasses, lightning bolts, etc. This applies to the higher frames of beliefs, understandings, paradigms, etc.

Later, when I interviewed a couple multi-millionaires myself, I found that what Blotnick had created was far richer than I could re-produce if I interviewed more individuals.

The specific tools that provide immediate application for using the Model or System to achieve something. I say that having personally been involved in the development of the model, Meta-States, the Matrix model, and the Axes of Change model. I have made this common knowledge by documenting all for the sources for the selling excellence, wealth building, women in leadership, accelerated learning, defusing hotheads, business experts, entrepreneurs, coaching, etc.

Here we can use feed-back and feed forward processes in a mindful and conscious way. Indeed, you may find all of the strategies for how to sit in the cockpit, look at the gauges, and move the steering mechanisms.


For anyone interested, the training manuals provides all of that. We represent our reference.

Yet that does not address the larger issue of a field or domain of knowledge like NLP, and it was in that sense that we used the term. A DHE intervention would then create the sounds, pictures, and feelings directly so dhee would be able to get right up on stage and begin speaking.

DHE a Richard Bandler ® Product

Or do you just need to buy the end products of the modeling? He personally attacked my character, and even my right to review DHE as a model. Each higher layer sets a higher frame of reference. What do the IQ numbers for an adult mean anyway? But where is the pattern? It opens up new vistas for dreaming and imagining.

I considered it only a beginning of a dialogue. Available for download now. And certainly my original banddler and critique of DHE was not. State-upon-state structure utilizes the levels of thought and speak about how layer upon layer of thought, emotion, physiology textures or laminates our states of mind.

When designing and using strategies it is necessary to make those distinctions which will allow you to accomplish the task at hand. After all, it can only process seven plus or minus two chunks of information at a time Miller, NLP has not been very explicit about what to do banrler. We are badler training workshops in a great range of applications—. Are there any other ideas of hypotheses driving DHE?

The questions that we will be addressing here are as follows:. Let me start with ehe one that I have done the most study on. And it is this lack of specificity, lack of offering descriptions for how to use the so-called model that questions the very foundations of DHE. Saying About Recent Programs in Orlando. They refer to processes verbs and to dbe conceptualizing, hence to concepts. This describes the structure of our frames embedded within frames that make up our Matrix see Frame Games, and The Matrix Model, Persuasion Bandlr May 01, To set various controls whereby he could more readily get to his motivation, understandings, and skills.


Richard Bandler – Wikipedia

Meta-States bajdler and operationalizes how this works and provides due of practical applications from the specific strategies for engineering higher levels of states of consciousness resilience, bancler, un-insultability, etc. When we said that DHE lacks extensionalizing into the everyday world, we referred to how it builds hallucinations of globes and girds and things, but is very weak on testing out the hallucinations in the real world.

Bandler and Grinder referred to it briefly in The Structure of Magic. As the brain processes information, it activates neuro-pathways, neuro-transmitters, messenger chemicals, etc.

After five hours and thirty minutes of deliberationa jury found Bandler not guilty. Most of the people did not want their names publicized and so we have respected those wishes.

I also conferred with several Neuro-Semantic trainers who had been through the actual trainings multiple times. Eventually this habituates to become a frame of mind—mind operates at multiple levels of awareness.

This enables us to ask the following searching questions:. Where is the book that presents the complete model with grounding in the sciences? Given the predominant role that the mechanism of reflexivity plays in human states of consciousness bandper in language itself, we take both NLP and DHE to the next level conceptually and literally when we use the levels of thought or mind model of Meta-States.