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MODERN PHYSICS 6TH EDITION ARTHUR BEISER SOLUTION – In this site isn` t the same as a solution manual you buy in a book store or download off. Inha University Department of Physics. Chapter 1. Problem Solutions 1. If the speed of light were smaller than it is, would relativistic phenomena be more or less. Arthur Beiser is the author of Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Concepts of Modern Physics ( avg rating, ratings, 43 reviews, published

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Start by expressing the Compton wavelength of the electron in terms of the maximum photon wavelength needed for pair production. Optical spectra, however, depend upon the possible states of the outermost electrons, which, together with the transitions permitted for them, are different for atoms of different atomic number. As a result, some of the excitation energy of the atom goes into the kinetic energy of its recoil. Consider a beam of eV electrons directed at a nickel target.

Using the result from part a4. An electron has a kinetic energy of 0. A photon whose energy equals the rest energy of the electron undergoes a Compton collision with an electron. Show that twice as many alpha particles are scattered by a foil through angles between 60o and 90o as are scattered through angles of 90o or more. With the help of the wave functions listed in Table 6. The Fermi-Dirac distribution function for the free electrons in a metal cannot be approximated by the Maxwell-Boltzmann function at STP for energies in the neighborhood of kT.


How fast must a spacecraft travel relative to the earth for each day on the spacecraft to correspond to 2 d on the earth? Can modern physics explain life?

The Rutherford scattering formula fails to agree with the data at very small scattering angles. For the speed with which he is approaching A?

As the potential energy increases with x, the particle’s kinetic energy must decrease, and so the wavelength increases. This is an example of Bohr’s correspondence principle. A spacecraft antenna is at an angle of 10o relative to the axis of the spacecraft. Show that this formula includes Eqs. Of course, a relativistic calculation is correct here, but it is interesting to see what a classical calculation produces.

The brightest part of the spectrum of the star Sirius is located at a wavelength of about nm. It should be noted that if I depends on J, the algebraic steps that lead to Equation 8.

How much more likely is the electron in a ground-state hydrogen atom to be at the distance ao from the nucleus than at the distance 2ao? A metal surface illuminated by 8. The lithium atom has one 2s electron outside a filled inner shell.

Concepts of Modern Physics: Student Solution Manual : Arthur Beiser :

Explain why the x-ray spectra of elements of nearby atomic numbers are qualitatively very similar, although the optical spectra of these elements may differ considerably. In the above, the rest energy of the hydrogen atom is from the front endpapers. Find the ratio between the numbers of atoms in each state in sodium vapor at l K. If Planck’s constant were smaller than it is, would quantum phenomena be more or less conspicuous than they are now? Find its new frequency. Find the phase and group velocities beier the de Broglie waves of an electron whose kinetic energy is keV.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Electrons are accelerated in television tubes through potential differences of about 10 kV. Find the term symbol of its ground state.

Find veiser minimum magnetic field needed for the Zeeman effect to be observed in a spectral line of nm wavelength when a spectrometer whose resolution is 0. Is the effect a major one? Find the possible angles between the z axis and the direction of the spin angular-momentum vector S. How wide is the box?

Consider the expression for the recoil angle as given preceding the solution to Problem Light from the sun arrives at the earth, an average of 1. When an excited atom emits a photon, the linear momentum of the photon must be balanced by the recoil momentum of the atom. This is the reason for the symmetry of the curves in Fig.

For the classical effect, assume the earth is stationary.

Concepts of Modern Physics: Student Solution Manual

Are we justified in considering the electron energy distribution as continuous in soljtion metal? It’s important to note that in the above calculations, the symbol “k” has been used for both a spring constant and Boltzmann’s constant, quantities that are not interchangeable.

The sun’s mass is 2. A spacecraft receding from the earth emits radio waves at a constant frequency of Hz. Ask New Question Sign In.