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Algarve BirdWatching tours, Portugals Algarve, Bird Watching Holidays in the perfect location for Bird Watching Tours in Algarve. Guided Birdwatching in South Portugal Guided Birdwatching Tours and Nature Walks in the Algarve, South Portugal and Andalusia. Birds & Nature offers pre-scheduled group tours in Portugal and Spain (small groups up to seven participants) and to other countries, for which you can make a .

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Have special tours that tell the story behind birdwatchiing scenery! From coastal regions to the Algarvian Mountains, there is a whole world of diversity to apgarve explored and just as many different ways to do so.

Inland, the vast golden wheat fields undulate in the wind; along the coast, unspoiled beaches look rugged and unexplored. Welcome to Quintassential where Rosa and Mike offer four delightful cottages in their old Quinta. I’m fine with this [X]. Birdwatching tours in Algarve: In order to help you decide where to go, Aves de Portugal has published an interactive map with the birdwatching hotspots of the Algarve.

Amidst the natural reserve of Ria Formosa, which stretches along the coast of the Eastern Algarve, Quintamar is situated in an olive and almond orchard less than 30 kilometres away from Faro International Airport. You will be surprised at how inexpensive our tours are! We can bring you in close contact with all the birdlife of this region — as well as its unique habitats and other wildlife.

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Lisbon is the only European capital located near such a rich wildlife hotspot — the Tagus estuary a 20 min. Note that the itineraries available on these pages can be altered and trips to other destinations are easily arranged.

We live in Portugal year-round. Looking from the balcony, Yellow-legged Gulls were plentiful, a pair of kestrels lived close by and, Whimbrels and Cattle Egrets passed daily. Further ahead we explore an interesting complex of saltpans where are Avocet Recurvirostra avosettaBlack-winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus and the colourful Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus are common. As you birdwatvhing find in this guide, there are several routes and excursions for birdwatching in the Algarve.


In the vast coastline, the dialogue between the land and the sea shaped a surprising landscape, of long beaches, woodlands, salt marshes and marshlands like the Ria de Aveiro lagoon system.

If you continue to use the site, you consent that you’re happy to accept the cookies and our Privacy Policy. This was to be a family holiday so, for once, birding took second place. Here we have excellent opportunities to observe rare birds like the Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio which is the symbol of this Natural Park, Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutusRed-crested Pochard Netta rufinathe Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus and the Kingfisher Alcedo attis.

We invest time in researching new and innovative ideas, and tailor bespoke itineraries for groups of all sizes. Quinta do Lago and Ludo. The Algarve is well known for its many wetlands but also holds birdwatchinf woodlands and other inland habitats.

The interior is very mountainous with some plateaus, dominated by Birdwatchnig da Estrela mountain the highest point in mainland Portugal and crisscrossed by several rivers and streams. All these birds used the puddle, alas later the puddle dried-up and all the birds had gone…. One of the main places to visit is the International Tagus Natural Park and Geopark excellent for birding.

They would like to share their knowledge showing you various possibilities that this region offers in eco and nature tourism…. In birdwtaching surrounding reedbeds one can easily find the Reed Warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceusMoorhen Gallinula chloropus and the Water Rail Rallus aquaticus. It nests on chimneys and telegraph posts even in large towns while the population on the west coast does so on tall offshore islands and stacks.

Birdwatching Algarve

We can take the entire hassle away from group holiday organisation. The Ria Formosa Now a UN recognised nature reserve stretching from west of Faro to the Ilha de Tavira in the east, is important for numerous water-birds, especially beach-nesting Charadrius alexandrinus and Sterna albifrons and for wintering waders and duck.

We drove on to the main reserve just beyond Castro Marim what is that enormous permanently closed visitor centre for I wonder? Quintamar – Ria Formosa Accommodation Amidst the natural reserve of Ria Formosa, which stretches along the coast of the Eastern Algarve, Quintamar is situated in an olive and almond orchard less than 30 kilometres away from Faro International Airport.


Best Birding sites

We saw about 80 species of birds which included large flocks of migrating waders and some leaf warblers. CloudBirders was created by a group of Belgian world birding enthusiasts and went live on 21st of March The region is best known by its beautiful white sand beaches and warm weather. Year-round sunshine makes Portugal ideal for a Bird watching break! If you would like to experience birdwatching in the Algarve guided by a highly experienced birder, we recommend Simon Wateswho is a professional birder near Lagos.

Salt Marsh Natural Reserve at Castro Marim Covering an area of 2, hectares, the reserve’s biggest attraction is undoubtedly the large number of birds – especially aquatic birds – that can be seen there.

If you would ike more information about which marine birds can be found in Portugal, check out the following publication.

Some may prefer to focus on seeing the maximum number of species possible, algsrve others could be keen to complete a list of elusive target-species that they would like to see. Bee-eaters were calling from all directions, occasionally resting on the wires Its landscape varies birrdwatching mountains and plains, hidden valleys and meadows, extensive pine forests and groves, rocky coasts and beaches, estuaries, river deltas and lagoons.

However, we can tailor the tour to suit the interests of the group and day trips are also available.

Tell us what you want to see, and we’ll take you there! Many bird species make these areas their home or use them in their migration routes.

Little Owls were also perched out in the open. Further along this path, as we approached the Ludo Farm area, the big inland pool immediately beyond the obvious line of tall trees pool had breeding White Stork….