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This BS article has very limited content, and this standard has now been superseded by ISO/IEC/IEEE – so what little is here, is obsolete anyway . BS – 2. Standard for Software Component Testing. Working Draft Date: 28 April produced by the. British Computer Society Specialist Interest. This paper covers both the development of BS and compliance with the finished standard. The process used to produce BS is described by.

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The Test Management Guide – BS Standard for Software Component Testing

The 792-2 shall comprise partitions of input and output 7295-2. This Standard does not prescribe how required attributes of the test process are to be achieved, for example, by manual or automated methods. Test cases shall be designed to exercise transitions between states. Modified Condition Decision Coverage 4. This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.

Other test vs design techniques may be used that are not listed in this clause. Syntax Testing uses a model of the formally-defined syntax of the inputs to a component. Any discrepancy found shall be logged and analysed in order to establish where the error lies and the earliest test activity that should be repeated in order to remove the discrepancy in the test specification or verify the removal of the fault in the component.

The faster, easier way b work with standards. Before component testing may begin the component test strategy 2. If these criteria are not met, the earliest test activity that must bd repeated in order to meet the criteria shall b identified and the test process shall be restarted from that point. Each partition shall contain a set or range of values, chosen such that all the values can reasonably be expected to be treated by the component in the same way i.


Events will be caused by inputs to the component, and actions in the state transition model may cause outputs from the component. The boundaries of both valid and invalid partitions are considered. Click to learn more. Modified Condition Decision Coverage is only defined for components with one entry point.

Talk:BS 7925-2

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Test cases shall be designed to exercise individual Boolean operand values within decision conditions. Computer software, Computer programs, Program testing, Computer applications, Performance testing, Software engineering techniques, Design, Quality assurance, Reports, Mathematical calculations, Boolean algebra, Acceptance approvalSyntax, 7952-2 transfer, Decision tables, Fitness for purpose, Bibliography Software engineering.

Branch Condition Coverage is only defined for components with one entry point. For each test case the following shall be identified: A decision is an executable statement which may transfer control to another statement depending upon the logic of the decision statement. Statement testing uses a model of the source code which identifies statements as either executable or non-executable. 792-2

BS 2 The Software Component Testing Standard – Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

The coverage items are the bss of partitions described by the model see 3. Any alternative techniques used shall satisfy these criteria: Both valid and invalid values are partitioned in this way.


From this graph, or otherwise, a decision binary truth table representing the logical relationships between causes and effects is produced. Course reserves Setting up a course reserve Form for setting up a course reserve.

BS 7925-2:1998

A test case may exercise any number of transitions. British Library Conference Proceedings Test cases may also be designed to test that unspecified transitions cannot be induced. Each test case shall 7952-2 specified by defining its objective, the initial state of the component, its input, and the expected outcome. The actual outcome shall be recorded.

Data definition P-uses occur in 7925- predicate portion of a decision statement such as while. Definitions are variable occurrences where a variable is given a new value, and uses are variable occurrences where a variable is not given a new value, although uses can be further distinguished as either data definition P-uses or data definition C-uses.

The model is typically represented as a Boolean graph relating the derived input and output Boolean expressions using the Boolean operators: This Standard excludes a number of areas of software testing, for example: The input distribution used be the test case suite shall also be recorded.

The target audience for this Standard includes: