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Marshall Cline. Greg Lomow What kind of guidance is given in the answers to these FAQs?.. 5 the first edition? .. How should runtime errors be handled in C++?. . Does delete p delete the pointer p or the referent *p?. The first edition of the C++ FAQ addressed the why of C++, using the highly effective, concise, and a to-the-point question/answer format. In this Second Edition. Marshall P. Cline C++ FAQs 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition Moderators of the on -line C++ FAQ at c++, Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, and Mike Girou.

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However, there are still some questionable statements that I don’t agree with: What is the purpose of this chapter? Periasamy Ponnusamy rated it it was amazing Jan 23, What Does Typeid Do?

Kindle Edition File Size: Open Preview See a Problem?

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Refresh and try again. Lincoln rated it really liked it Apr 09, What Is a Friend Function? See our Returns Policy. What Are the Advantages of Throw Aren’t References Just Pointers in Disguise? To avoid complicating the discussions with finding the optimal balance between the use of virtual and inline for member functions, virtual is used more often than strictly necessary see FAQ What’s the Difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction?


For compilers that don’t have a built-in bool type, insert the following at the beginning of each example: What Is a Capability Query? This is normally the right tradeoff since a class is normally used a lot more often than it is changed.

Understanding the Management Perspective. Well, it seems to have had a completely opposite effect upon me.

C++ FAQs, 2nd Edition

For example, inheritance is a powerful facility that can improve the clarity and extensibility of software, but it can also be abused in ways that result in expensive design errors. This makes it easier for those who simply want to use the class as opposed to those who want to go in and change the internal implementation of the class. This book is not for beginners who are just learning to program since it assumes previous programming background.

What Is the Purpose of a Destructor?

We customize your eBook by discreetly watermarking it with your name, making it uniquely yours. Anand Saha rated it liked it Oct 16, To achieve compactness, some member functions are defined in the class body even if they wouldn’t normally be inline or even if moving them down to ediyion bottom of a header file would improve specification see FAQ 6.


How Does Automation Work?

C++ FAQs by Marshall P. Cline

What Are Component Categories? Can Improper Inheritance Wreck a Project? What Is a Class Invariant?

The undecorated word inheritance means “public inheritance. What Should Assignment Operators Return? Similarly the undecorated term derived class means “public derived class.

Not a bad quick reference book. Ghinwa Choueiter rated it really liked it Jun 11, Some of these answers deal with only a single language feature, while others explain how to sdition several different language features in concert. Click here to download the code. What Is an ORB?