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in psicopatologia, in: Manuale di Psicofarmacologia Dimensionale, T. Cantelmi , Comoldi, C, and Caponi, B., , Memoria e Metacognizione, Erickson. Read publications, and contact Sandra Caponi on ResearchGate, the da psicopatologia descritiva, o qual consolidou a sua propensão nosológica. No campo da psicopatologia, por seu turno, Jaspers25 é certamente um dos .. Caponi S. Georges Canguilhem y el estatuto epistemológico del concepto de.

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Conceptions of normality and mental health among prisoners in a correctional institution in the city of Salvador. Although in Brazil some recent studies analyzed the concepts of normality and mental health, there are still no investigations dealing with this question among prisoners. Thus, this work aims specifically at investigating this subject in this segment of the population. The methodology used in this study was collection of psicpoatologia and practical analysis according to the theory of systems of signs, meanings and practices.

We verified that the interviewees associated normality and mental health with the behaviors considered normal and sane in the scientific literature. The inverse occurred in relation to the concepts of abnormality and insanity.


A relevant aspect of this study was the prisoner’s approach to criminal violence.

Systemics of Emergence: Research and Development

At the same time they considered such type of violence as characteristic of an abnormality or illness, they did psicopato,ogia consider themselves abnormal or violent for capohi committed a crime.

This aspect seems to point to the existence of two different perspectives: Health, Normality, Criminal violence, Prison. Tais resultados podem ser visualizados na Figura 2. Tais resultados podem ser visualizados na Figura 4. Hay una enfermidad en las Americas? Revista USP ; For a General Theory of Health: Saude Colet ; 7 4: Health promotion – a new approach in psychiatry. Psychiatr Prax ; 30 1: Maoz Caponj, Rabin S. Salutogenesis – a story about the development of an idea.

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Systemics of Emergence: Research and Development – PDF Free Download

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