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Watch trailer #2 for an in-depth conversation with Roberto Giobbi about this iconic book. “If I knew someone just getting into this business, it would be the first set. From the author of Card College, the world’s most acclaimed course on sleight-of -hand card magic, comes Card College Light, Roberto Giobbi’s first text focused. Card College Lighter by Roberto Giobbi – Book. $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. He gives the reader all the tools necessary for a professional-quality.

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I would like to be something between hobbiest and semi-pro: Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 2. Inspired by Triple Coincidence John Scarne I am only 12 years of age, but I have not gotten anything in this book that I cant do. You must log in or sign up to post here. Newsletter Enter your email address to sign up to Roberto Giobbi’s Newsletter.

Where It Has To.

As mentioned already, this was originally sold as a set of 4 DVDs of nearly 8 hours, but is now available as roberho digital download via his website. It is well worth the price.


Highly recommended by card professionals. Customer Reviews showing 1 – 10 of Did this review help you? Find Out how to pay. The Open Riffle Shuffle. Card College by Roberto Giobbi.

Card College Volume 1

Mar 15, Messages: This book isn’t just for beginners, though they will probably benefit the most from it. And I think there isn’t! THEN, continue your learning. Card College sets up a good foundation that coklege have overlap, which would occur if you bought a few books or dvds on a subject. You buy these books and read them cover to cover, learning the basics as you go.

No, create an account now. Showing the Most Helpful Newest. The Overhand Shuffle Control. They expose the method behind the tricks, but they fail to explain how the tricks are made genuinely amazing. Skip to main content.

Card College by Robert Giobbi VOLUME 1

Related to Falsches Mischen Unknown, Let’s not forget Erdnase whoever he was and Marlo and all the other giants in magic upon whose shoulders we stand. Force Techniques, Part 2. Did this review help you? I will say I am all for overlap. If you are still interested in card magic get these books as foberto. The Waterfall Riffle Shuffle.


Card College Light By Roberto Giobbi Book

It’s a collection of card RealityOne Thanks for you time. The Single, Double and Multiple Push-over. Roberto Giobbi’s writing and teaching is wonderful. Card College Lighter Roberto Giobbi’s wrote five classic card magic tuition books Close-Up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne, for an example, is relatively affordable, and with some easy to do card magic. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don’t have them all yet but plan on getting them. Mentalism secrets unknown by even top pros.

So does this series only stricktly teach card magic and techniques such as double lifts or does it also teach cardistry techniques and shuffles. False Cut Techniques, Part 1. May 2,