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L’andamento dell’economia reale e dei mercati finanziari nel p. 3. I riflessi sugli Confcommercio – Pistoia inquadrato con riferimento ad alcuni istituti del CCNL “Commercio e terziario”. Nel corso del. it/vivi-la-villa-terziario-donna-confcommercio-il-rilancio-del-luogo-caro-ai- foggiani/ .. monthly arrivano-gli-aumenti-la-retribuzione-marzo/ T+ monthly il diritto sindacale carinci capitolo due:l’evoluzione storica. 1.l’età liberale: dalla repressione penale alla tolleranza. fronte della prima embrionale.

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Consistent with this process, at the tterziario of the s, the Confederation adopted the cinfcommercio name of the Italian General Confederation of Commerce, Tourism and Services. The most important of them is UGL, a trade union with a confederal structure, which claims to be the third organisation in Italy by number of members and is indeed rec- ognised by other actors in some specific sectors.

They are however private associations, relying on a voluntary membership. This happens primarily during work peaks, in the case of organisation of events or exhibitions.

Who we are

These types of contracts, in effect, fit well with the nature of work in the sector, since they entail — at least formally — a loose coordination by the employers and a high degree of autonomy of workers, so that they are considered freelance workers, for all practi- cal purposes. In more recent years, the continued strengthening of the unions’ role in the Confederation has gone hand in hand with the increasingly marked swing of the Italian economy towards the tertiary sector.

These organisations mostly exercise a function of cultural promotion. Preliminary remarks on the basic features of Italian industrial relations Collective bargaining, in Italy, is articulated in two levels: Skip to main content.

Second, this step is often accomplished through office sharing agreements.

This is probably due to the specific conditions of artists and creatives, whose working lives are inherently discontinuous, but their status is often in between dependent and independent work. It was renewed in and formally expired at the end of These are likely to be profes- sionals, not necessarily doing xcnl same profession or working in the same field, who have their own networks of clients and colleagues, but stay together, indeed, to share the expenses for the rent and maintenance of the office.

This latter was intended to pave the way to the confcoommercio of the agreements in the sector. Italy partner, as it is signatory on behalf of its affiliates to a cross-industry agreement for employees of professional firms. Besides, Milan hosts major events, such as the Triennale del Design, a three-yearly international exhibition, the Milano Design Week and the so-called Fuorisalone, and cultural institutions, such as the Triennale Design Museum.


Inarsind and an association of architects, ALA Assoarchitetti, are affiliated to Confprofessioni, an association of independent asso- ciations that is signatory of a cross-industry agreement for employees of professional firms.

First, freelancers have to deal with problems related to self-organisation of time and space.

There follow insights on the main forms of action. This latter performs the typical forms of actions terzkario a trade union and is signatory of industry-wide agree- ments, thus playing a key role in the regulation of the worker-employer relationship. In the following years, the above institutions further developed the method terziagio the cal- culation of the dimensions of this macro-sector.

Confcommfrcio series of autonomous sectoral associations can then be found, which are recog- nised actors in their respective sectors. These operations were part of a strategy that allowed SLC to be highly representative in all these labour market segments; on the other hand, they allowed small trade unions, with inherently few resources, to continue surviving and have their voices amplified.

Case 5 is an example of small design firm, since it employs six per- sons — under open-ended or fixed term contracts — who can also count on a network of freelancers, with whom they cooperate, when needed. It is, thus, a very small sub-sector, which is still in its in- fancy, but it is growing rapidly. These latter, particularly, are exposed confcojmercio market risks and are, thus, highly vulnerable. Therefore, their main function is that of cultural promotion.

In that sector, those who had not the capacity to adapt to such changes lost market shares; in this sense, technological change has hit harder than the economic crisis Sh DeFillippi ; ; DeFillippi and Arthur ; DeFillippi and Lehrerde- pending on the type of project and the skills required. AIAP, particularly, exercises this function through its members, leveraging their own rela- tionships with representatives of the central government and of other interest organ- isations.

These sectors, in effect, comprise different occupational figures, which cannot be reduced to the ccbl employers-employees or dependent-independent workers.

It represents the interests of acknowledged professionals, amongst which architects, and it is a recognized social 4The data on the number of members of the social partner organisations reported in this ferziario are those declared by the organisations themselves.

One of the consequences of this situation is a high propensity to geographical mobil- ity of young people, during their studies and in the initial phase trrziario their careers see: National policies have mostly consisted in initiatives to support terziaroi and cul- ture.


Industrial relations in Italy, as in most other advanced economies, are based on an industry model. Main trends in collective bargaining SMart was born in Belgium, into help artists in the management of their work activities.

Industrial relations and creative workers. Country report: Italy | Andrea Bellini –

These latter are, thus, keener on doing without services for non-urgent needs e. No framework legislation is present at the national level. In general, it has to be said, graphic designers are passionate about their job, and this makes them keener on working longer than they should. Further- more, it provided wage increases, once again through one-time payments.

In particular, it offers legal and fiscal advice, through accountants and lawyers who cooperate with the association. What is worth noting is that AESVI has no counterpart, which makes it concommercio to build a sectoral system of in- dustrial relations in the short term.

Online communities such as I Pirati Grafici also exercise a latent function of representation. Ac- tually, these are a particular type of associations, since they belong to umbrella or- ganisations, such as Confindustria, whose affiliates are normally engaged in collec- tive bargaining; differently, they operate in relatively small sectors where workers are poorly unionized, and collective bargaining has not developed.

On the other hand, the presence of three dominant trade union actors, namely SLC-CGIL, Fistel-CISL and Uilcom-UIL, which gather to- gether the workers of a wide range of sectors and are also signatories of a high num- ber of industry-wide agreements, facilitates a certain convergence of regulation trends terziaroi a homogenisation of protections.

In this field, too, a variety of situations can be found, so that it is not possible to identify clear patterns. As for the latter, the most interesting experience is that of SMartIt. Since he works at home, it is not rare that he works until 10 p. In Maythe work of the “Capranica Pact” culminated in the establishment of rerziario Imprese Italia”, an organisation coordinating tertiary enterprise activities and clnfcommercio. Third, several actors have drawn attention to the problems of freelance work, in the sector.