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Ringworld: Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch [BOX SET] on Game; Publisher: Chaosium (); Language: English; ASIN: BFZXGEM. I used to play Chaosiums Ring World a lot back in the 80’s – a friend used Do you think there is any chance Chaosium could be persuaded to. Chaosium is one of the longer lived publishers of role-playing games still in later RPGs, such as Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Nephilim, and Ringworld.

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A new race for the Ringworld Game” appeared in Dragon Magazine issue Although I read the first Niven book, I never really had much desire to run a campaign on Ringworld. Specifically, it’s the 29th century. Campaign Setting game world Core Rinfworld min needed to play. They can be anthropologists, artists, doctors, police, or even zealots, who will explore the mysteries of this huge artificial world and its inhabitants. A friend did chaozium it, though I remember very little from the scenario itself.

Ringworld (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

I’m David Gordon, the webmaster for this site. I’m still devouring my copy of Stormbringer and awaiting my copy of a 2nd edition RuneQuest boxed set I managed to snag. Reading the books and stories, and having the game at my side, I was in hog heaven. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: When I first envisaged setting up this website I decided to contact John Hewitt, but I soon found out from Lynn Willis of Chaosium, the devastating news that John had passed away in late They had some truly different creatures on the ads for the chaosiu that they ran in Dragon and White Dwarf!


This page does not exist. It introduces role-playing games, then covers character creation, skill use, and combat.

I remember have seen it in the local rpg shop in my french town, when I was still a young player. Science Fiction Hard Sci Fi.

Ringworld (role-playing game)

Add a copy to your collection. RQ II boxed set is brill hope you do a retrospective on that. Only two publications were ever published, the Ringworld role-playing game box set itself, and the Ringworld Companionboth in by Chaosium. And the interiors by Lisa Free iirc were fantastic. There are suggestions for creating scenarios and campaigns, and information on technology of various humanoid species of the Ringworld, and additional rules, including gravity, Credit Rating, and psionics.

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. I never did end up taking a look at the game when it came out. Go here to find out more. None of these three additional races appear in any of the Ringworld novels.

If you have any Ringworld RPG material that you would like to have published here please send them to us you will be fully credited. The Ringworld role-playing game box set was titled “Larry Niven’s Ringworld: To succeed in a skill, the player must roll under the relevant skill with modifiers on percentile dice.

Ringworld was another of those games I saw in White Dwarf but never saw in the local game store. James Maliszewski September 1, at 6: Few companies can compare to Chaosium creatively. The role-playing game contains a great deal of technical details about the setting, more than the fiction the setting is based on.

Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with unsourced statements from June I had the Companion book for this for years before I was able to actually get a copy of the game itself! The hunt for out-of-print games worthy of a second look. Runequest was very populare in the UK, and in our gaming group.


The characters are hired by Captain Gregor Lopez, famous explorer, for a journey to the Ringworld that does not go completely as planned. One of the great things about the Ringwold game is the essays filling the GM’s book about technical specs for the Ring. Tetsubo August 28, at There aren’t many game companies with a similar track record of excellence, certainly not the TSR by whose Gospel I lived as an impressioble youth.

Many races get specialized hit location tables, characteristic maxima and minima, skills and traits.

Different Worlds Issue 36 – Sep This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat I can’t help but feel that I missed out on a lot of Chaosium-fueled gaming goodness in my formative years.

The Gamemaster Book begins with technical essays on the Ringworld, from physical construction, to life on the ring, with diagrams. There is also an introductory scenario “The Journey of the Catseye” intended to begin a Ringworld campaign.

JB August 28, at 6: GDW’s Judge Dredd game. I have the Companion though Different Worlds Issue 29 – Jun My strongest memory is using the tech rules to design a suit chaosiuk “Iron Man” style armor as a prize for one of my players. Anonymous August 28, at 6: Pookie September 12, at 7: