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Most widely held works by Andrzej Szaynok. Chemia wody i powietrza by Edward Gomółka(Book) 4 editions published between and in Polish and. Gomółka E., Szaynok A.: Chemia wody i powietrza. Wydanie IV. Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wrocławskiej. Wrocław 2. Czerwiński W.: Fizjologia. [32] Gomółka E., Szaynok A.: Chemia wody i powietrza. Wrocław: Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wrocławskiej [33] Stan środowiska w Polsce. ( Red.

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Sampling and physico — chemical analysis of precipitation: Atmospheric deposition of organic contaminants to the Chesapeake Bay, Atmos. The chemical composition of highway drainage waters I.

Environmental Chemistry (06 06 00)

Effect of rural highway runoff on stream benthic macroinvertebrates, Environ. Elements in the precipitation of S. The chemical composition of intercepted cloudwater in the Sierra Nevada, Atmos.

Evaluation of precipitation chemistry siting criteria using paired stations from Northern Main and Southeastern Texas, Environ. On the stage of elaboration of the multivariable set of data, the obtained results concerning application of chemometric techniques time series analysis, analysis of variance, discriminant analysis, algorithms such as FPCA-1 and FPCA-o, principal component analysis PCA are shown.

Chemia wody i powietrza – Edward Gomółka – Google Books

The temporal distribution of trace element concentrations in fogwater during individual fog events, w: Long term measurements of wet deposition powketrza precipitation scavenging of hexachlorocyclohexanes in Southern Norway, Environ.


Corrosion rate of copper rotating-disk-electrode in simulated acid rain, Electrochimica Acta, 42, —, The biggest loading of the substances was removed with primary sludge. Chemical analysis of acid precipitation: Soures and fates of aromatic compounds in urban stormwater runoff, Environ. Cloud water chemistry and impact on total deposition of sulphur and nitrogen at different elevational levels in an alpine valley Achenkirch, — m a.

A method to determine wwody solutes from pH and conductivity measurements, Atmos. The role of water in wofy, forms of occurrence of organic and inorganic substances in natural waters, water pollution measurement methods.

Major ions and its relationship in rime and hoarfrost samples from highly urbanized regions, Pol. Probably only sorption of grease and oil on activated sludge flocks occurs and removal in waste activated sludge stream.

Bituminous roof sealing membranes as major sources of the herbicide R,S -Mecoprop in roof runoff waters: Regarding this fact more attention should be paid to lipids removal in municipal sewage treatment plants, although Polish regulations do not force such action. Pesticides in rain, Chemosphere, 35, —, Substance load in rainwater runoff from different streets in Hamburg, Sci. Metrologia, 11, A,— Trace metal fluxes In bulk deposition, throughfall and stemflow At two evergreen oak stands in NE Spain subject to different exposure to the industrial environment, Atmos.


Szaynok, Andrzej

Principles of environmental sampling, American Chemical Society, —, Erosion of limestone building surfaces caused bywind-d riven rain: Rainwater composition in Athens, Greece, Atmos. The obtained results related to the concentration levels and relationships between pollutants present in the samples of atmospheric precipitation and deposits and ,generated from them, runoff waters are described.

Important problems connected with the variability of chemical composition, conversion processes and seasonability of occurrence are also discussed. Atmospheric Contamination by Pesticides: Heavy metal contamination in soils of urban highways: Design, construction and operation system of a fog water collector.

Measurents of elemental composition of aerosol matter and precipitation from a remote background site in India, Environ.

Solute deposition from cloud water to the canopy of a Puerto Rican montane forest, Atmos. Chemical composition of acid rains in the Venezuelan savannah region, Tellus, 44 B, 54—62, A chemical speciation of trace metals for fine urban particles, Atmos. The occurrence and distrybution of trace organic compounds in Bermuda precipitation, Atmos.

Use of simple daily atmospheric circulation types for the interpretation of precipitation composition at a site Eskdalemuir in Scotland, —, Atmos.