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Chess Duels by Seirawan Compiled by hms Karpov/Seirawan, Roquebrune (rapid), , 53 moves. Ch. 3 Vassily Smyslov Smyslov vs Seirawan, Yasser Seirawan provides a fascinating and highly entertaining account of his games and encounters with the world champions of chess. Chess Duels has 54 ratings and 2 reviews. Four-time US Champion Yasser Seirawan provides a fascinating and highly entertaining account of his games and e.

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Without prejudice I cede Mischa a protected passed pawn and the long-term advantage.

Qxd5, chess would give me an opportunity to trade two pairs of minor pieces and equalize. Seirawan-Smyslov Tilburg 1 1. He describes and analyses, in depth, his most memorable encounters — both famous victories and painful defeats, against the best chessplayers of the last 50 years.

Anatoly is forcing a trading sequence before I can even begin to realize an initiative. This story has a continuation, but let us call it a cliffhanger for the moment.

The e5-square is now a permanent hole, but I was attracted to a long-term idea of creating a kingside initiative. Once more my time was nearly exhausted.

Bf3 Bc5 and I just didn’t see how I could play for a win. It is not the kind of weakening move that one should make lightly. Such are the vagaries of opening theory.

Rohit rated it it was amazing Jan 18, The view at least those quoted words on Fischer is funny, but useless and misleading, when not wrong. A fact that I simply missed. Rob Brown 8 years 1 month ago Permalink. In the meantime, we dhels grateful to Yasser Seirawan for sharing with ChessBase readers some insights into how Chess Duels came about.


That is, we probably owed two whole rounds of drinks. Hence my hesitation seirawqn search for a sharper solution. Skip to main content.

Fischer learned some big things and worked from Russian chess, from the so-called Russian School. A good win by Chews. In the meantime, White has produced no less than five moves deserving of an exclamation mark versus zero for Black, yet at move 24 Black could have retained some winning chances even though the outcome would have been a “likely draw” had he played Botvinnik, despite his “public image”, was a “smiling, gentle man”. Round 6, the final, is from November 19th to 22nd, starting at As fate would have it, Anatoly and I ended up seated next to one another.

It seems to me that Yes, it is mentioned of course. I struggled like mad and when on the brink of a draw blundered decisively just before the seiraawan time-control. Afterwards I was sure that It’s so flimsy as to be comparable with a magazine. The text, on the other hand, keeps the central tension alive and forces Black to resolve the situation.

Chess Duels: My Games with the World Champions

White will realize zeirawan dream of putting his dark-squared bishop fhess the long diagonal, and the game will be over shortly. Kc2, after which Karpov had considered A new world of possibilities occurs after Sander 8 years 2 months ago Permalink.


In this note, there is also a temptation to grab the hanging a3-pawn as well, which I restrained myself from doing. Qd8-f6, and I could face the future with confidence. He concludes that there really are “Two Garry’s: Home News Columns Studies. I can only add that in no way during my analysis was I trying to defend the position by returning my pieces to the a-file.

Seirawan vs Karpov in ‘Chess Duels’

Impressive, dare I say sublime, understanding. This was the saving resource which I missed. We were all exhausted. What do we need, the permission of our mothers?

Chess Duels: My Games with the World Champions by Yasser Seirawan

Timothy Ha rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Refresh and try again. That’s to say, he not only speaks on impulse even eeirawan a room full of top grandmasters and follows his feeling when deciding where to go and play, but he also plays chess in a way that seems to me to be very instinctive.

Let us start with the simplest fact: Ender rated it it was amazing Aug 16,