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The Colle is definitely not an aggressive opening in the classical sense. If you like the positions that you get with the Colle, by all means, play it. D05 – Queen’s pawn game, Rubinstein (Colle-Zukertort) variation: 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. e3 e6 4. Bd3 c5 5. b3. Search the chess games database, download. I selected games played with the Colle-Zukertort System for you below from recent times, but just wins and losses to make it interesting. Study the various lines.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sharp positions like the Sicilian Dragon teach theoretical memorization, and it does not improve positional understanding. In the Koltanowski version, White plays 5. The video is divided up as follows: No beginners memorize cutting-edge theory because they literally are unable to. While most of the DVDs are aimed at beginners, the one we will be looking at in this review is geared more for lower rated club players, somewhere in the range.

Of course, the exact move order with which these moves are carried out will depend on what Black does, but these are the general ideas. White develops his pieces, giving black no targets and then at the precise moment, opens the game with the thematic e4 thrust.

I have placed a board with the first moves in it below so you can play through them. In the Colle, yes, you can bank everything on the attack on h7 beginners with the system generally do but if that’s all you do, you’ll miss out on a lot. There are various solutions given for this. Is Colle-Zukertort a good way to improve beginner play? You can safely play it against almost any Black setup, but serious players will want to build up an opening repertoire around it.


Colle System – Wikipedia

The Koltanowski is named after George Koltanowski who championed the c3-version of the Colle for over half a century. Zukertort Comments Excerpts Support Where? The main strength of zhkertort Colle for beginners lies in the almost granite move order; white makes pretty much the same moves, builds pretty much the same tabiya, the same starting formation, no matter what Black does. Sophia, the middle sister stopped competing many years ago.

Beginners are literally unable to memorize cutting-edge opening theory.

One of the most dynamic collw to aim for a Queen’s Indian Defense style setup. It’s easy to start out in a Colle, and switch into a Queen’s Gambit variation when it’s advantageous to do so — until you play c3, you’re typically no more than two moves away from a queen’s gambit at any point in the Colle.

A nice feature of the DVD is that each game aukertort a separate chapter, so finding a particular game is quite easy. The branching factor is much easier to overcome as you improve and actually understand what is going on.

Retrieved from ” https: If your opponent dilly-dallies, just continue to train more men on his King. But, you may object, is it not possible to play the King’s Gambit less aggressively?

Colle System

Rf4 1—0 A nice game by a strong GM. This removes a guard from the h7 square, often enabling a classic bishop sacrifice on h7 as the start of a mating attack. You can play it against pretty much anything and not come out worse, but eventually you need to learn how to deal with pet defenses Black can throw your way.

Thinking about it that way makes …Bd6 seem overly committal. CodeSammich 86 1 6. Notice that these openings don’t try to occupy the center. Since White has not played c4, zukertogt are no exchanges or advances that can be done to dissolve the blockade. This webpage describes David Rudel’s first chess book. White typically builds on solid foundations before unleashing an attack on the enemy king. What typically occurs is that Black exchanges on d4 to open zukedtort c-file and White puts his Knight on e5 and supports it with zukertoet, leading to the setup shown below.


Zukertort – A Solid, Attacking Chess Opening for White (b3-Colle System)

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The Colle is only a one-trick pony if you play it that way. In this free course, I zuukertort on helping beginner chess players see the entire board.

The pawn on a3 may seem curious. Rich Hall 31 1.

If Black ever takes the knight on e5, the pawn on e5 will be supported by the b2 bishop. This signals that White is playing the Zukertort variation of the Colle System rather than the Koltanowski version. Nc3, the Vienna Game. By the folle, I play the Colle-Koltanowski variation from time to time and in fact beat my first expert with it at the US Open.

If Black instead plays his Q-Bishop out to f5 or g4 before pushing his e-pawn to e6, zukedtort typically become rather sharp, but as I mentioned earlier White can still safely play the C-Z setup, it just is not optimal — More of a comfortable option until you find time to learn the structures and themes of those lines. Judit, the strongest, only plays in elite tournaments, although less frequently than she used to. The whole purpose of the opening is to teach you how to play “sound,” chess, and to beat people who don’t play that way.

This is a refreshing writing style with new ideas which should be helpful for the master to beginner player. If you like the positions that you get with the Colle, by all means, play it to your heart’s content.