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27 févr. Sites web de navigation anonyme; Logiciel de surf anonyme La seule façon d’ effectuer un surf anonyme consiste donc à passer par un serveur intermédiaire qui se Ce document intitulé «Surfer anonymement» issu de. Microsoft Word either BEFORE or AFTER comments and edits are made on a Existing comments already in the document are NOT affected by changes to the. Make reviewer comments anonymous in already created document, Word for Mac. I found this solution in the answer forum.

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If we could sift through the contents of the XML and find the bits where the reviewers are identified, we could enumerate them and then anonymize them on an individual basis. The reviewers are now conveniently renamed Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2, etc. Extract the Open Packaging Conventions contents to a working directory. I have the same question It was possible in Word to turn off reviewer name in the balloons, but I can’t find the same option in Things like author information that is stored in the document’s Properties area is removed.

Protecting Referee Personal Information. So I added a brief AppleScript to error-check the dropped file. Protecting Referee Personal Information In the interest of protecting reviewer anonymity, it is important to check for personal information contained within referee reports and remove it if discovered in hidden areas. Click “Info” in the column at the left side of the window.


Using Ruby’s raise keyword only puts the error in the Automator log and raises the aforementioned dialog box instead. My problem is that I have a Word document with thousands of comments already inserted, and they all have my real name on them.

We will consider non-professionals where the project has a strong practice-based element such as a collection or heritage survey. How satisfied are you with this response? Lacking that, you can use the Protect Document tool on the Review tab, then check the Remove personal information from this file on save checkbox. Right click the Word. Save the file in Word. Follow these general steps: Return paper to graduate student, who reads it and weeps.

Figuratively anonymisr, of course.

Surfer anonymement

How satisfied are you with this reply? I took the quick and dirty way and used a gnarled old copy of sed.

Block Community Commeent James H. WordTips is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Word training. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. You’ll want use XSLT. Getting a Warning for Markup Many people, when collaborating on a document with others, use the Track Changes feature to show the effects of their If it encounters a suffix other than.


This site is for you!

Research degrees — University of Leicester

Follow these general steps:. I was hoping this tip would work with Wordbut as soon as you save it back from.

A first class or 2: I do a lot of peer reviewing of manuscripts prior to publication. Contact details If you have general enquiries or questions about the course please contact: This is only going to confuse my colleagues who, I repeat, expect to just drop a file onto an icon and have socument work. This Sensu book gets you up to speed with Sensu monitoring and metrics!

Open the RTF file as text only, preferably using a program such as Notepad. Your file is now clear of personal data and ready to submit!