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An essay in epistolary form, c. 5, words, on the technique of electioneering, purporting to be addressed by Q. Tullius Cicero (1) to his brother Marcus Tullius. THE’COMMENTARIOLUM PETITIONIS’. The difficulty inherent in a discussion of the authenticity of any ancient work, and of the Commentariolum in particular. I. THE Commentariolum Petitionis is not in the Codex Mediceus of Cicero’s corre- spondence with his brother Quintus, but it appears at the end of the letters to.

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Full search options are on the right side and top of the page. Pompey’s third consulship and the trial of Milo, B. In a word, you must secure friends of every class: Hicks – – The Classical Review 17 Almost every day as you go down to the forum you should say to yourself, “I am a novus homo ,” “I am a candidate for the consulship,” “This is Rome.

It may, again, be displayed in giving practical assistance, which I would have commentariolim render available far and petitioni Cicero’s voyage to Greece begun and abandoned July-August.

Commentariolum petitionis – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum Paravianum. When you have done that, take care to have in your mind a chart of all Italy laid out according to the tribe of each town, and learn it by heart, so that you may not allow any municipiumcolony, prefecture, or, in a word, any spot petitioins Italy to exist, in which you have not a sufficient foothold.

The introduction also examines the literary petitioniw of the work, and particularly the question of its authorship: The genuineness of the letters ad M. You have already won the city populace and the affections of those who control the public meetings by your panegyric of Pompey, by undertaking the commentariolkm of Manilius, by your defence of Cornelius. Perseus provides credit for all accepted changes, storing new additions in a versioning system.


Moreover, as the equestrian order is yours, they will follow petitionus example of that order, if only you take the trouble to confirm the support of petitionsi centuries, not only by the general good affection of the order, but also by the friendships of individuals.

Nisbet adds to the arguments of context the fact that the Commentariolum identifies Cicero as worthy dignus of defending consulars, though at the time of his electoral campaign, Cicero had not defended anyone in court who had held the consulship. Sign in with your library card.

For men desire not only to have promises made them, especially in their applications to a candidate, but to have them made in a liberal and complimentary manner. VII A I, If, indeed, men were as grateful as they ought to be, all this should be ready to your hand, as I trust in fact that it is.

On running for the Consulship

Liberality is, again, of wide application; it is shewn in regard to the management of your private property, which, even if it does not actually reach the multitude, yet, if spoken of with praise by friends, earns the favour of the multitude. Enter a Perseus citation to go commetariolum another section or work.

With Notes by the Rev. I don’t think there is anything so popular or so conciliatory.

Access to the complete content on Oxford Classical Dictionary requires a subscription or commetnariolum. You have very many; make them feel how much you think depends on them: And since I have mentioned “attendance,” I may add that you should be careful to see large companies every day of petifionis class and order; for from the mere number of these a guess may well be made as to the amount of support you are likely to have in the campus itself.

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Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription. Cicero being influenced by the letter from his brother.

Greek and Roman Materials. For among its annoyances a candidature has this advantage: First of all, make the faculty you possess of recognizing people conspicuous, and go on increasing and improving it every day. But yet the most advantageous thing is to be beloved and pleasant in the eyes of those who are friends on the more regular grounds of relationship by blood or marriage, of membership of the same club or of some close tie or other.

On running for the Consulship – Wikisource, the free online library

Therefore, if we are as vigilant as the greatness of our object demands, and rouse our well-wishers to put forth all their energies; and if we allot to men of influence and zeal in our service their several tasks; if we put before our petjtionis the threat of legal proceedings; if we inspire their agents with fear, and by some means check the distributors, it is possible to secure either that there shall be no bribery or that it shall be ineffectual.

C A IV, 4a. Parts I and II. They will contribute much to your political position.

From the 1st of January, B. For my next theme must be popular report, to which very great attention must be paid. Show by default Hide by default. The essay does not provide any information that a man of politics such as Cicero would not already know, and is written in a highly rhetorical fashion.