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Tantric Yoga The Science of Psycho-Physical Transformation The Three . The present work by David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) is ideally suited to. Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda | Author: David Frawley | Foreword: George Feuerstein | List Price: $ | Pages: Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses is an excellent book introducing the essence of Hindu Tantrism. the book discusses all the major David Frawley.

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Most of what we are seeking and struggling for in life is merely transient and does not answer the ultimate question of our destiny: As such it is a complex yet integral system for the development of consciousness which has something for all those who are seeking the truth.

Tantra looks upon emotions as tools for spiritual growth. Tantric methods — including rituals, mantras and gems — are also used for balancing planetary influences as part of astrology. Wisdom is the ultimate form of beauty and delight, the most sought after beloved object in creation, and hence the ultimate embodiment of the Divine feminine. She is not a beautiful madonna, nor enticing Goddess, but an enigma, a threat, perhaps even a curse. It is the power bom in passivity, in silence of mind, the energy which comes forth from the Void, like the life that comes forth from the womb.

A bad son is born sometimes but there is never a bad mother. Tara is the power of sound shabda Shakticorresponding to Kali as the power of time and transformation. He also introduces the reader to the core Tantric practices of meditation and mantra recitation, focusing on the ten Wisdom Goddesses.


These are revealed in various meditation verses on the deity Dhyana Shloka.

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses : Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda

However Tantra does not affirm ordinary bodily identity, but sees the body as a mystic symbol. They also tend to overlook the fact that Tantrism is an initiatory tradition, that is to say, it is based on the time-honored guru-disciple relationship. The Tantric approach is very practical.

In her battle with the demon, the Goddess brought ten great forms out of her body — the Dasha Mahavidya — and then took the forms of innumerable Goddesses. Mantra develops the mental force to allow us oyga proceed with meditation. After that a light and energy radiated from the top of his head.

To bring the new into being, we must first let go of the old. In the same light Tantric art, which has an erotic appearance, is meant as a depiction of the higher forces of consciousness through which the primal forces of life can be transformed.

There are certain hymns or Stotras that describe mental puja, and which can be very elaborate since the items involved are only imaginary. Tantra is based on and closely allied with the various traditional sciences of India, of which the two most notable are Ayurveda Vedic medicine and astrology Jyotish.

Prana, Tejas and Ojas: The more we seek beauty within, the more we go beyond death.

Full text of “Tantric Yoga And Wisdom Of The Gods David Frawley ( David Frawley)”

In the yogic tradition there are three gunas or qualities that bind the soul. Death is merely the ending of what has no real substance. I do yogx want to state that such a path is not possible.


Seeing the Goddess in a particular form not only allows us to approach her on the most common level of sense perception, it allows her transcendent reality 46 — Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses — to be perceived in manifestation. Attachment to Sattva, which is purity, consists in attachment to the idea of being holy and to a life-style of purity.

Kali is portrayed as dancing in a cremation ground and striding on a corpse who is the form of Lord Shiva himself. He also introduces the reader to the core Tantric practices of meditation and mantra recitation, focusing on the ten Wisdom Goddesses” states Georg Feuerstein.

Jul 24, Rodrigo d’Orey rated it it was amazing. We must lose all of our attachments, including our own body and mind.

Lists with This Book. The middle level, Madhyama, is important as the central level, through which all the other levels can be integrated. In the process of spiritual learning the Goddess becomes the muse who guides and inspires us. Shiva Linga — Levels ofTarttric Teaching — 53 The Linga and Yoni Tan trie forms derive from the basic forces and forms of nature and its frawlwy cosmic intelligence.