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The Dreikurs theory for classroom management, sometimes called Rudolf Dreikurs’ theory of Social Discipline, acts as a framework for thinking. I have drawn primarily on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. Their theory and practice of seeing maladaptive behaviour in children and adolescents . Rudolf Dreikurs (February 8, – May 25, ) was an American Dreikurs’ main theory dealt with misbehavior of pre-adolescents.

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Dreikurs foreshadowed later cognitive theories on expectancy by declaring that people arrange to bring about what they expect.

Classroom Management Theorists and Theories. Would I passively accept these consequences, or might I tend toward disruption? Lastly, teachers should encourage students who display inadequacy, by offering these students encouragement and support for even minimal efforts. Essentially, every action of the theorg is grounded in the idea that he is seeking his place in the group. Charles is fifteen years old and in the seventh grade.

His research in the field of social psychiatry led him to organize the first Mental Hygiene Committee in Austria and to become interested in the teachings of social psychologist Alfred Adler. Retrieved June 8,from http: By incorporating Hal into the framework of productive society, Hal could now use his talents appropriately. Dreikurs did not consider punishment an effective method of discipline.

The teacher was assigned the class four theoru prior following a substitute. Regardless if the child is well-adjusted or is misbehaving, his main purpose will be social acceptance. Or drrikurs a bad word?

These case studies come from the school system of Gary, Indiana in the ‘s. Dreikurs, however, felt that this type of punishment probably contributed to disruptive behavior.


It had been fifteen minutes since the assignment requiring the drelkurs had begun, so the teacher replied that perhaps Charles better sit down before he lost his seat.

The Social Discipline Model of Rudolf Dreikurs

His overall goal was that students would learn to cooperate reasonably without being penalized or rewarded because they would feel that they are valuable contributors to the classroom.

We have summarized some actual case studies from Dreikurs’ book entitled Psychology in the Classroom: This was called “democratic teaching. Dreikurs was often credited with “elaborating, building, and working out in a clear, systematic and logical form, the basic ideas of Individual Psychology. His methods of addressing misbehaviors in the classroom are appropriate and adaptable to my 9th dreikuds science classroom. For example, if the teacher happened to look his way, Hal would respond, “What are you watching me for?

Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Rudolf Dreikurs

When gaining power over others to feel better about themselves doesn’t work, they become angry and want to retaliate for what they perceive as the bad behavior of others not recognizing them. Alfie Kohn is very critical of his work and theory, and Charles Wolfgang has some issues with the ability of teachers to determine a student’s goal of misbehavior and use logical consequences, but little else, especially from psychologists, was found that did not support Dreikurs’s theory.

Hal and two classmates were caught robbing a home and had succeeded in robberies before. The study showed that during the four-year period, suspensions decreased from 64 per year to 4 per yearvandalism decreased from 24 occurrences to 2 and teachers reported an improvement in the classroom climate, behavior, and academic performance. Dreikurs described four goals of misbehavior: Furthermore, this case study illustrated the goal of Attention Getting.


A paddle was supplied by the administration, but the teacher declined this approach. Dreikurs felt that it probably was not solely the play that was responsible for the changes in Hal. Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

He was an active leader in the organization until his death.

Rudolf Dreikurs

These ddeikurs make our society function somewhat rationally. How do I explain to my child what therapy is? He or she wins this misguided battle for status. His mother usually worked in thdory evenings leaving Hal and his brother on their own.

By setting logical consequences in advance and encouraging the student, we are setting good examples and modeling good citizenship. Logical Consequences Psychology in the Classroom: Rudolf Dreikurs was born in ViennaAustriaon February 8, A 2nd grade male student who talked out of turn, squirmed a lot, and so on was given the “logical consequence” of being taken from the classroom and told to spend some time back in kindergarten.