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Henkel Loctite Ablestik White, formerly Emerson and Cuming ECCOBOND, is a two component, room temperature curing, epoxy adhesive that is used for. Eccobond is a two-component, room temperature curing, epoxy adhesive that is used for bonding plastics, metal, piping and other maintenance applications. The Henkel is a Series epoxy resin. The Henkel Specifications: Series: Product Type: Epoxy Resin Color: White Primary Color.

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Accurately weigh resin and hardener into a clean container in the recommended ratio. Cleaning product Restrictions on use: All Purpose Cleaner Product dilution information: What is a Coating? To make this website work, we log user data ecfobond share it with processors.

Paraffinic Naphthenic Solvent, Aliphatic More information. Industrial, Manufacturing or Laboratory use Manufacturer:. Such are based on our research and on data from other reliable sources and are believed to be accurate. If possible, power mix for an additional minutes.

For this reason, it is recommended that the contents of the shipping container be thoroughly mixed prior to use. No representative of ours has any authority to change the foregoing provisions.


Issue Date Jan Revision Date: Allow contents to cool to room temperature before continuing. For safety and environmental precautions, please review entire Material Safety Data Sheet for necessary information. Peak season lead time: If symptoms develop, obtain medical attention.

Get Latest Price Min. Stable glue exudation without glue leaking and dripping. Calcium Carbonate More information. Sodium Chloride Product Number: These reactions may manifest themselves in a number of ways including skin rashes, itching sensation and breathing difficulties.

Emerson & Cuming Eccobond 286 AB Kit also known as Loctite Ablestik 286

Do not flush to storm sewer or waterway. What is the warranty for the product? Remove grossly contaminated clothing, including shoes, and launder before reuse. NIOSH approved respirator if required.

ECCOBOND A/B Easy Mix Ratio, General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive – PDF

Kelly Skinner 9 months ago Views: When two ratings are provided for Health, the first represents the material ‘as supplied’, and the second represents the material ‘in use’. Material Safety Data Sheet Supplier: Ease of use Simplified manufacturing process Dissipation of heat from bonded components Product Description: Safety Data Sheet Pancreatin 1. Be able to set size of gluing area, speed of gluing, dispensing time, stopping glue time.


To deal adequately with the safe handling of this material, all the information contained in this MSDS must be considered. The shipping description below may not represent requirements for all modes of transportation, packaging, shipping methods or locations outside of the United States. To ensure the long term performance of the bonded assembly, complete cleaning of the substrates should be performed to remove contamination such as oxide layers, dust, moisture, salt, and oils which can cause poor adhesion or corrosion in a bonded part.

For optimum performance, follow the initial cure with a post cure of hours at the highest expected use temperature. Coating Safety What is a Coating? The values contained herein are considered typical properties only and are not intended to be used as specification limits. No eccobon of ours has any authority to waive or change this provision. Wash ecfobond areas with soap and water. Chemically Resistant More information.