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TABCRAWLER Online Sheet Music & Lyrics Archive Member Votes: 4 / 5(4 votes ) TAB VIEWS for el choclo arr roland dyens power tab: To to be able to. Christopher Chew wrote: I saw Roland Dyens plays El Choclo on the U-Tube, it was fantastic! Almost like he owned / composed the song. El Choclo – Angel Villoldo () El Choclo Music by Angel Villoldo Arranged by Roland Dyens.

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Well, opinions will differ — but I watched this some time ago, and again just now, and my second viewing confirmed my original opinion that he’s playing it all wrong.

Nevertheless, the second version below–same arrangement? It’s on piano, but you can hear the difference in how it’s being interpreted.

Choclo Roland Dyens

More staccato, more syncopation. Guitar or piano or vocal? After all, it’s dance music. Dyens on youtube http: Yes, that’s exactly the way a tango should be played, and it rolwnd how Dyens misses the point.

This section is read-only. I might have posted this previously, and I think other members have as well.

That was quite a research done here. How come there is ONE way tango or any music should be played? Last edited by Aryeh on Mon Dec 05, Since I’m not an Argentinian xhoclo from the twenties I’ll never be able to play like they do, anyway.


There, rolqnd combination of a live recording with poor base response and the sometimes understated syncopation can make the tango feel fade away. Thanks for the link.

This is a highly original and intricate arrangement, but watch how he nevertheless maintains the kind of steady rhythmic pulse I have alluded to. Nor is it helped by his arbitrary dynamics.

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Here is an partitua example of how I feel this should be played. It lacks the rhythmic pulse and grace that a tango should have.

Last edited by Aryeh on Tue Dec 06, 4: I know its on the u-tube but how to download it?

Board index All times are UTC. He doesn’t understand the music.

She’s giving the music life. Classical Guitar Skip to content.

Roland Dyens – El Choclo, Tango for Guitar (Score video)

Yes, I know in one sense all dynamics are arbitrary, but in another sense arbitrary also means “capricious. She’s making mistakes too, but of course the point is the interpretation. Anyone has the music score for it?


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Topics archived from Public Space and its subforums after a long period of inactivity, or redundant for some other reason. It needs a marked and steady pulse, which is lost in what I would describe as his quirky phrasing.

El Choclo by Angel Villoldo – Classclef

I’m not sure which version Prominent Critic was panning, but it might be the first version listed below. By the way, what is the original instrument that this song is composed with?

It’s a solo guitar rendition of “La Cumparsita,” by Juanjo Dominguez, who — fittingly — is from Argentina.