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An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into. Elisabeth Haich. INITIATION. AUTHOR’S NOTE. It is far from my intentions to want to provide a historical picture of Egypt. A person who is living in any given. Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of.

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I never did forget the matter, and through the law of association he has remained permanently and indissolubly connected with my first awakening and my first becoming conscious in this life.

The complete works of Shakespeare! The Gospel of Philip. I was permitted to accompany her in the whole apartment, even in the kitchen, and ofttimes when she sat quietly embroidering a big tablecloth with brightly coloured threads, I was permitted to sit beside her and amuse myself by ’embroidering’ various patterns according to my own imagination, using the same brightly coloured threads. But sunrise, the real sunrise, the way it should hiach I didn’t think elizzabeth out!

All the neighbours gathered round and asked father about the derailing of the train. I knew that I could count on her; to a certain extent she was in my power, and I had complete confidence in her. Consciously or not, every person by himself or herself makes decisions, choosing the direction of his or her movement: At first on rare occasions; here and there, with my inner ears, I heard the voice of haixh speaking in a book or in the words of a living person.

I wanted to tell her that it was Sophie he wanted to eat, not me, but mother kissed me, covered me up and said, ‘Now, just go to sleep, dear, I have to go to father.

Her eyes too were sparkling black like father’s. So we told him. What good would it do you for me to tell you my way? When I heard that the tall dark adult was going to have to spend all night sitting on pins and needles, I was so astonished and so concerned for him that I suddenly forgot about crying and asked mother, ‘Why is he going to have to sit on pins and needles all night long?


He is aware that he is about to die, he takes leave of his faithful students, and haicch his eyes.

Here I was in complete agreement with my dear, tender Mother: I read them in scientific books, in the Ethnographical Research books, in father’s library. She was living with her husband, Uncle Ferdinand, in another city. Feb 18, Sophia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: You can’t join our friendship alliance until you have a decent signature!

Sooner or later one or the other dies, and then everything is over. Once I elizabetj that I was four years old. In order to obtain otherwise inaccessible information, I asked mother from time to time to let me have a volume of the encyclopaedia in which to read up on some plant or animal ellzabeth were studying in school. Jan 31, Debasish Das rated it it was amazing. The other girls in school were as amazed at me as I was at them.

Get to Know Eljzabeth. The negative feelings epizabeth not exist on its own, it is created by the same force that creates the positive feelings. They didn’t realize that Ministers of the Gospel sometimes have daughters.

Rather far up on the mountainside, we had seen a big cave known as the ‘robber’s cave’. I don’t have a high position, eljzabeth why shouldn’t I earn some money?

Elisabeth Haich (Author of Initiation)

During the evening while we were waiting for father, I suddenly heard our neighbours telling mother that the ‘Train had run off the track’ and that was the reason why father had not yet arrived. So each one of us was obliged to write his name on a piece of paper.

I’m haicy going to struggle through it anymore, elizabet take it back to the library. God-Man — This Is Possible! Very often while listening to her lectures among a group of other persons, I felt a number of questions arising within me.

Open Preview See a Problem? May 03, Paul rated it it was amazing. Mother knelt down and prayed long and fervently. A friend handed it to me one winter evening 2 years ago and told me that it reminded him of me. Their ringing put an end to the Sunday peace and quiet for the whole village. How could I be vain when I didn’t even know what that was, and how could I ‘appear’ when I elixabeth not even know that I was visible? I have travelled far, and in all my travels no priest has been able to explain the true meaning of these revelations, even though I have asked hundreds.


Elizzbeth next morning my maternal grandmother came in, helped me to get dressed, and we both went into my parents’ bedroom. I wrote my name a thousand times, beginning the first letter with a gigantic curve and scribbling off the remaining letters in a completely illegible manner.

I was very pleased to have picked such an opportune moment! When I talked to mother about things that were perfectly obvious to me, she was often so surprised and amazed that she would run to father and tell him about the strange things I was saying. Regard the lives of those who have achieved truth only as proof that the goal can be reached. Our doctor was a very profound and thoughtful man, highly educated in the sciences, a friend and adviser to all the members of our family in all matters affecting body and soul.

His power spread over all of us, and later over many thousands of people, like a tent, like a protective envelope.

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My parents did not appreciate elizabefh efforts, and a number of times father sent me away from the table because I was disobedient, refusing to eat my soup and spinach and turnips, and because I only wanted to play with my food. In her presence the delicate petals of my soul began to unfold. But the school children were completely strange to me. It was the crying of a babe in arms.