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This is a new streamer available in early March in the UK but I think it is already released in Europe. Has anyone had a chance to play with it. Ellion HMRH specifications: 0 GB, HDMI, LAN. Ellion Hmr h Hd Media Recorderplayer With Vfd Display, Used Media Players For Sale in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland for euros on

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Have you connected an external device and tried copying to it?

Mar 6, at 3: The default recording target is installed HDD. Coaxial and optical audio out.

Ellion HMRH Manuals

Quick question for anybody who owns one already. Troubleshooting Additional Information Troubleshooting Incorrect operation is often mistaken for trouble or malfunction. I think that your problem could be your hdd. Hmr-350hh, create an account now.

Ellion HMR-350H User Manual

Mar 1, Messages: The first issue was with a 3 hours record, reaching 5 mins of playback the system locked, remote control not responding, still image on the screen. This partition is mainly designed when you want to copy a file whose size is more than 4GB, because Wllion has the limit of 4GB of single file size” The partitioning process is all the more confusing because you specify partitions as percentage of total volume, and without a calculator or a maths degree you’re guessing the partition size.


Once its first turned on you go through the formatting process ellin is a little confusing and requires a little planning.

Recording is not possible. HMR H can be configured in only 15 minutes including the time taken to install and format the hard drive installed. As a file is selected a mini preview window starts playing the file.

Setup was nice and easy. I have the a firmware. Mar 20, at 6: HMR H can also be connected to your car stereo so you have access to your hard drive while you are traveling in your car.

MtlDtyMay 1, Unfortunately I report many problems when playing recorded files. I’ve had to reformat three times losing all the recorded stuff each time.

You basically divide the disk up into three partitions, Engrish manual explains: I think therefore the UDF partition is solely for the ability to pause live tv, whereas the FAT32 partition is standard recording space. When powered ON, the device springs to life and the display screen shows all the ellon available.

Sometimes the trouble may lie in another sllion. Mar 1, at 9: The remote control is small and light, covered in buttons but it seems like the directional keypad will be the most used part, to select most functions from the fairly decent menu structure.

Mar 1, at 7: You would need to record onto the Elion, then copy the file to the NAS. Mar 27, at 2: Mar 30, at Mar 22, at 2: You can skip it without typing and files.


Ellion HMRH specifications

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The best feature, however, still is the ability of this device to record all your favorite shows while you are away. Feb 25, at 3: After my initial enthusiasm based on features I have to agree with davlloyd. The issues are software based so maybe they will address them but at the moment I am not convinced that the guys writting the menu system even use the device themselves as the issues would quickly be relised.

Share This Page Tweet. If the networked machine supports formats that the Elion doesnt such as wmv, mkv h then the files are transcoded in real time apparently While I’m here I’ll also just mention that on the firmware update page it looks like there is an update named ‘scart timer rec beta’, which sounds like it ellio fix my major gripe – no other info on it yet so I’m currently downloading to see what it does.