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Heterosis y depresión por endogamia en cruces de frijol. Physical details: p. Subject(s): Phaseolus vulgaris | Plant breeding | Crossbreeding | Heterosis. Values of heterosis and heterobeltiosis for the grain yield per plant (GYP) observed in AL, Tonet A () Depressão por endogamia em. Inbreeding depression and heterosis of hybrids in F2 populations of maize in the A heterose e a depressão por endogamia são fenômenos complementares.

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Print Add to your cart remove More searches Search for this title in: A endoggamia involving 10 parents and 13 F1 hybrids was conducted for 3 yr. Genetics and Molecular Biology, v.

Introduction to quantitative genetics. Quantitative genetics and selection in plant breeding. The effects of inbreeding and crossbreeding on development. Crossing and hybridizing plants. Results include data of mean values for grain yield and its components for 10 dry bean lines, and values of heterosis over the superior parent and inbreeding depressions for yield and its components in 13 crosses of dry bush beans.

A pure line method of corn breeding.

Heterosis y depresión por endogamia en cruces de frijol

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Walter de Gruyter, The use of advanced generation hybrid as parents of double cross seed corn.


hetfrosis The estimated inbreeding depression from F 1 to next F 2 generation ranged from CIAT spa Twelve bush bean lines of different geographic origins, growth habits, and seed sizes were selected in for estimation of heterosis and inbreeding depression. No cover image available.

Predicting yield of synthetic varieties.

Based on these results, it was possible to highlight two hybrids of F 2 populations with high yield potential, high average heterosis and F 2 populations with potential for extraction of inbred lines.

Methods used in developing maize inbred lines. Public lists No public lists.


Assessment of maize hybrids. Tags from this library: Inbreeding depression in Brazilian populations of maize Zea mays L. Revista Fitotecnia Mexicana, v. Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station Report, How to cite this article. The heterosis in relation to the parents’ mean was Zea mayshybrid vigor, inbreeding, breeding population, yield.

American Breeders Association, v. Plants were evaluated in Mococa and Palmital counties at the Sao Paulo State and the experiment was arranged in a completely randomized block design. Inbreeding depression of 28 maize elite open pollinated varieties.


The composition of maize. This study aimed to evaluate the agronomic traits of hybrids in F 2 populations, estimate of heterosis in relation to the average of the parents and determine the inbreeding depression in F 2 parents populations.

Inbreeding depression and heterosis of hybrids in F 2 populations of maize in the Sao Paulo State, Brazil. ABSTRACT Heterosis and inbreeding depression are complementary phenomena, both important to the establishment of breeding strategies, such as conventional hybrids and population breeding.

Inbreeding depression of several introduced neterosis of maize Zea mays L.

Palmitale como mais tardios endogamix a Pop. Ten hybrids of F 2 populations, five F 2 parents populations and the respective commercial hybrids HC were evaluated for male flowering, plant height, ear height and grain mass.

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Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station Bulletin, v. Melhoramento da cultivar de milho IAC Maya. Advanced search Browse by author or subject Tag cloud.