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Brooks GA () Anaerobic threshold: review of the concept and directions for future research. Med Sci Sports Exerc 22–31PubMedGoogle Scholar. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Martin Holfeld and others published Energiebereitstellung im Sport − fächerverbindender Chemie/Sport. Energiebereitstellung in Abhängigkeit von der Belastungsdauer [6]. from publication: A systematic review of the significance of sport and diet for physical.

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Although muscle metabolites have not been measured in detail, for rowing exercise, there is evidence that the relatively long duration exercise at an intensity close to maximal oxygen uptake will decrease phosphocreatine stores and increase muscle lactate levels substantially Mavrommataki et al.

EPOC (Sportwissenschaft) – Wikipedia

Our study included rowers using both arms and legs, which might limit the application to submaximal training effects. Accordingly, the increased La concentration as a result of HIE pre-load had small ennergiebereitstellung negative consequences for overall performance in the MPT in our study.

Muscle glycogen concentration does not appear to influence the rate of glycogenolysis Bangsbo et al. The subjects performed a maximal m rowing ergometer performance tests MPT twice. Net La increase from the start to the end of the MPT low was Additional investigations are needed to elucidate possible beneficial effects.

Our results did show neither a significant priming effect nor an increased oxygen uptake at peak exercise questioning these effects. The appropriate conditions are guaranteed for trainings of new Olympic athletes.


The inhibition of glycolysis in the first minute of the workout might allow a different race strategy, which needs to be investigated in further studies.

In conclusion, HIE upper-body anaerobic pre-load added to a standard low intensity warm-up protocol decreased anaerobic performance only in the early stages of the MPThigh but the latter part was unaffected.

J Sports Sci Med. Even though reports of a beneficial effect of metabolic acidosis on force development in isolated rat muscle have challenged this view Volianitis et al.

Research interests Exercise physiology, exercise prescription, exercise testing, performance diagnostics, and training, training therapy E-mail: Top athletes can be at risk to run low on vitamin A, C, E and B 6 high protein consumption as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. HIE, inducing a La concentration of about mmol. On sunny days, the demand for warmth varies from zone to zone, depending on the position of the sun.


Zur Bewertung der Energiebilanz kann bei Wettkampfsportlern der spezifische Trainingsumsatz nach individueller Sportart herangezogen werden. However, we suggest that subjects applied their same pacing strategy as usual but possibly could have tried harder during the first minute of exercise.

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 32 This implies that if the athletes performed high arm crank ergometer HIE results, the higher the concentration of the pre-exercise blood La was.

VO 2max – maximal oxygen consumption; Energiehereitstellung maximal ventilation; VT 1 – first ventilatory threshold; VT 2 – second ventilatory energibeereitstellung P max – maximal aerobic power ; HR max — maximal heart rate. The system circulates a warm, water-and-glycol mixture through PEX tubing buried underground.

Rowing performance The maximal m all-out ergometer performance tests MPT were performed on a wind-resistance-braked rowing ergometer Concept 2, Morrisville, VT, USAwith the resistant level set from 4 to 6.

The aim of the present investigation was to investigate how a short and high-intensity anaerobic non-rowing specific arm crank pre-load exercise added to a low-intensity warm-up affects m rowing ergometer performance. If a balanced mixed diet is present, the increased demand for nutrients is guaranteed as long as the caloric balance is maintained. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance 7 Enefgiebereitstellung general, the object is complicated: Research interests Exercise physiology, coaching sciences, training monitoring E-mail: Despite a reduced performance in the m all out rowing in MPT high the results offer some interesting information for physiology and training in top-level rowers.

In our study maximal La concentration was Two main effects may be expected such as a decrease in anaerobic energy contribution during the first min of a race and an increase in oxidative energy contribution. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Warming-up prior to a competitive exercise bout is a widely accepted practice in sports, with athletes and coaches alike believing that warming-up is essential for attaining optimal performance McGowan et al.


It has also been demonstrated that glycogen breakdown and La accumulation were reduced when muscle glycogen was low Iaia et al. Methods Participants Nine college level male rowers age: Primed VO 2 kinetics may have served to reduce the energiebereittsellung of substrate-level phosphorylation and delayed the attainment of VO 2peakwhich might have resulted in an increase in time to exhaustion and therefore power Burnley et al.

Turf conditioning at NK Maribor stadium in Slovenia For the renovation of the football stadium in Maribor, Slovenia, turf conditioning with Uponor Meltaway system has been used. Abstract Elevated blood lactate has been shown to influence subsequent anaerobic exercise due to an inhibition of glycolysis.

Stavanger Concert Hall The new concert hall is an outstanding building and a new benchmark. Ergonomics 21 In summary, the HIE pre-load added to a standard low sporf warm-up protocol failed to improve performance but opens some other interesting questions regarding the optimal preparation before a high intensity all-out workout. Numbers in the upper row indicate time in min t and numbers in the lower row La indicate the number of blood samples to measure blood lactate concentration La.

Net La increase was significantly reduced to 6.

Thieme E-Journals – Aktuelle Ernährungsmedizin / Abstract

The upper graph shows the low intensity warm-up MPT low and the lower graph shows the additional high intensity pre-load MPT high. Therefore, warm-up is an integral part of the preparation before the start of a m rowing race. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

These authors Layec et al. We suggest that the reduced net La production with a higher oxygen uptake per W may allow a faster or longer start sprint. The intent is to warm the root zone beneath the grass so the playing surface remains soft and forgiving to falling players, even at sub-freezing temperatures.