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EPM Max Programmable Logic Device Family ( Gates). High- performance Details, datasheet, quote on part number: EPM for Altera Devices Data Sheet in this data book for more information. MAX Figure 1 shows the architecture of the EPM, EPMV,. EPM, and. EPM datasheet, EPM pdf, EPM data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Altera Corporation, Programmable Logic Device Family.

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A macrocell borrows parallel expanders from lower.

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Programmable output slew-rate control. Each set of five parallel expanders incurs a small, incremental timing. Two groups of 8 macrocells within each LAB e. Six global output enables. Compiler uses the five dedicated product terms within the macrocell and. For information on in-system programmable 3.

Figure 6 shows how parallel expanders can be borrowed from a neighboring macrocell. The devices can be reprogrammed for quick and efficient iterations during design development and debug cycles, and can be programmed and erased up to times.


EPM7032 Datasheet PDF

For example, macrocell 8 can borrow parallel expanders from macrocell 7, from macrocells 7 and 6, or from macrocells 7, 6, and 5. MAX Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet The compiler can allocate up datashret three sets of up to five parallel expanders automatically to the macrocells that require additional product terms.

The user-configurable MAX architecture accommodates a variety of independent combinatorial and sequential logic functions.

Six pin- or logic-driven output enable signals. MAX Device Features. Each set of five eppm7032 expanders incurs a small, incremental timing delay t PEXP. Open-drain output option in MAX S devices. Perform a complete thermal analysis before committing a design to this device package. For more information, see the. For example, if a macrocell requires 14 product terms, the.

EPM Datasheet pdf – Programmable Logic Device Family – Altera Corporation

Parallel Expanders Unused product terms epm70032 a macrocell can be allocated to a neighboring macrocell. Within each group of 8, the lowest-numbered macrocell can. Configurable expander product-term distribution, allowing up to 32 product terms per macrocell. Programmable macrocell flipflops with individual clear, preset, clock, and clock enable controls. A macrocell borrows parallel dataheet from lower- numbered macrocells. For example, macrocell 8 can borrow parallel. MAX Speed Grades.


Unused product terms in a macrocell can be allocated to a neighboring macrocell. The compiler can allocate up to three sets of up to five parallel expanders. Two global clock signals with optional inversion.

EPM Datasheet(PDF) – Altera Corporation

Within each group of 8, the lowest-numbered macrocell can only lend parallel expanders and the highest-numbered macrocell can only borrow them. Enhanced interconnect resources for improved routability.

Programmable security bit for protection of proprietary designs. Complete EPLD family with logic densities ranging from to 5, usable gates see.