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Buy EUPALINOS OR THE ARCHITECT 1st English Language Edition. by Paul Valery (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery . Eupalinos or The Architect [Paul Valery] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. book. If there is one text that takes the theme of the symposium, ‘Poesis and architecture’, as its element, then it is Paul Valéry’s dialogue Eupalinos ou l’ architecte.

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It is durable in confronting the continuous change and chaotic confusion of life, above all modern life.

Furthermore, they are less products of an architectural culture of late capitalism than they are the products of a few major capitalist players. For these forms they import the aesthetics of the American vernacular and commercial culture in order to produce gestural messages that can be understood by all Americans.

Conceptualism in Recent Architecture. Carsten Nicolai, Autor Recent conceptual works focus on design as a process that begins with an idea, passes through experiments, and results in forms that are not buildings per se. He introduces two types of buildings to illustrate the difference. While the nineteenth century was preoccupied with time, evolution, cycles, and halt, the twentieth century was concerned with space—so much By connecting the regular and the irregular, Eupalinos could create clear and organized forms and immersive space.

Seen from the ground, an hour would be much too long to study them. World is his medium, his language, his means of artistic production: The materials of the new conceptual architectures are most often light, ephemeral, cheap, and unpretentious. Yet, it is not the form of the skyscraper that signifies this crisis, but rather the global spread in the s of the modern formal language.

The exhausted political machines and their PR slicks are already seeking leaders to elevate, messages to claim, talking points to move on. All of these rising and falling values constitute the grand market of human affairs.

Matter, space, and time are not what they used to be, and their reincarnations affect all sorts of techniques and technical processes. Eupalinos is the name of this Platonic dialogue, after the ancient Greek architect who, according to Phaedrus, had the great ability to put things in order.


Eupalinos: or, The architect – Paul Valéry – Google Books

Interested in the topic of architecture and mobility. As Venturi notes elsewhere, this version of mannerism has studied the electric signs of the Las Vegas strip, the valid chaos of Tokyo, and Buddhist complexity. As the space of architecture is stable and enduring, movement becomes the spiritual movement of a mind that is able to negotiate the metaphysics of both Heraclitus and Parmenides. Finally, Eupalinos unfolds to Phaedrus the magnificent image of the huge—singing—buildings that could be admired at the harbors.

Nevertheless, their observations converge in the present time: As he told Phaedrus in conversation, Eupalinos believed that, in realizing architecture, he built himself. In this encompassing, stable, and lasting space of architecture, Socrates recognized the possibility of a total human work.

Eupalinos and the Duck: Conceptualism in Recent Architecture

Whereas the former project refers to the ideal of the classic, the latter draws on mannerism; whereas the former looks to an abstract and lasting purism, the latter searches for an iconographic and fast form. The skyscrapers of Manhattan may impress the world, but the huge buildings are only to be viewed at a speed of kilometers per hour. Today, skyscrapers are designed to be viewed not atbut at kilometers per hour from an airplane.

Journal 28 – Mona Mahall – Eupalinos and the Duck: Harvard UP,1. Born in Istanbul, she is the founding director of the design studio m-a-u-s-e-r, based in Stuttgart and Istanbul. Click to start a discussion of the article above.

He describes people moving valry fast they deny themselves thought and delight. The mute can only be despised for their arbitrary, if sometimes pleasant forms. Simply the pleasure and pain of engaging in social relations: The project under construction includes a series of bridges and tunnels that connect the west side of Hong Kong to Macau and the Guangdong province city of Zhuhai, which are situated on the west side eupailnos the Pearl River Delta.

Rather, it is the eupaliinos of architecture as a unifying, meaningful, and binding form that to him seems in crisis.

Yet, it is a mind genuinely concerned with the transformations and great conflicts of the twentieth century. While the nineteenth century was preoccupied with time, evolution, cycles, and halt, the twentieth century was concerned with space—so much so that time became but one possible representation of a distribution of elements in space.


Where can architecture be located today when it is of no interest to big building projects? Such works are interested in intellectual and systematic approaches that bring architectural matters—typology, context, form, and so forth—to a head. Novelties, even new ones, were giving birth to very old consequences. Mobility in architecture means to mobilize—money, above all—on behalf of the immobile: I have said value, because there is appreciation, judgment of importance, and because there is a discussion of price, which we are prepared to pay for this value: As authors, they posit their subjective perspectives as vulnerable yet pivotal points in the design process.

If we return to the question of mobilized global culture, we recognize that conceptual architecture might be capable of providing an answer.

I was occupied with the wonders of the transitory, and its astonishing duration, with the force of paradox, with the resistance of worn-out things. Thus, the buildings created broad and still harbors of spiritual clarity that even gained in force through the contingent nature surrounding them. The note specified that: Mahall has published a number of texts on architecture, design, and fashion.

Eupalinos or The Architect

No question mark, thus no searching for sense, or meaning, or technologies. But singing is no longer associated with the eternal harmony and stable proportions of white architecture; instead, balery refers to a car-driving American culture. Mona Mahall is a designer and researcher based in Stuttgart and Istanbul.

The MIT Press, The building behind can be anything from a church to a restaurant, depending on the sign installed.

In contrast to a restless nature that constantly dissolves, ruins, and overturns what it has produced, architecture is immobile and resists volatility.