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Exercises in Style has ratings and reviews. Manny said: MetaFrom what point of view should I review the book? Evidently: from all possible po. In “Exercises in Style,” first published in Paris in , Raymond Queneau repeats it 99 times, each time transforming it in some way. The first. exercises, they all do tell the same story about a minor brawl in a bus, and . in fact I saw somewhere that Exercices de Style is Queneau’s best seller among the.

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I actually had to look up some of the chapter titles in the dictionary, most of which were technical terms related to linguistics and grammar. Selected Writings Guillaume Apollinaire.

The book somehow, and I don’t know how, contrives to feel kind of profound even though it appears at first to be pointless. She lifts her hand, moves it slowly, suggestively, sensuously, sibilantly, towards me, and, oh oh, she rests it gently on my book.

Less funny than it could have been because of that it turned out to be. You skip to ninety-nine in a desperate attempt to save your sanity but no, it is not to be, the last line is more maddening than anything that went before: Paperbackpages.

If anything, it highlights precisely the limits imposed on a translation of a text which plays so brilliantly with the linguistic structure of its native language. If it does not mean anything it is because sgyle words do not carry meaning when put together in this way, and also because they do not exist in the form exercisez by the structure of the phrase An “open angel tells me there” is nonsense semantically, and the word exwrcises cannot be transitive.

This was one of those subsidiary works, my greatest philosophical concerns being ethical. So I will give it three stars.

That Joyce was kind enough, generous enough, to create a work so complex, that resonates on so many levels and in so many poetic and humorous and satiric and intellectual and dramatic tones; and most of all, best of allthat he demands that his reader work a fraction as hard as he did.


Each section has a utilitarian title – Hesitation, precision, Ignorance, Insistence, Awkward, Reactionary, to name a few. I actually got on the bus today!

Meta From what point of view should I review the book? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But what follows, is the same incident played over and over and over again. The Surrealists tried to achieve a sort of pure expression from the unconscious, without mediation of the author’s self-aware “persona. In “Synchyses”, an exercise in which the narrator speaks like Yoda from Star Wars, Raymond should have tried to be more consistent with the rhetoric form, and apply it to relative clauses as well as to main ones.

Why could I not get into it? These writings are often hilarious, but also a lot of fun for anyone who appreciates the strengths and flexibility of language.

The Passion According to G. The plot of Exercises in Style is quite simple: View queneaau 22 comments. In a bleak, urban desert, I saw it again that selfsame day, drinking the cup of humiliation offered by a lowly button. These variations, all of which use comparatively normal French, come over clearly in Barbara Wright’s translation, and with a wit to match the original.

So, what is fiction? But whatever version Barbara translated, she did so brilliantly. You read “Prosthesis” and think, hmm, that’s interesting, I wonder what he’s going to exercisez here.

Exercises in Style

Olfactory, Gustatory, Tactile, Visual, and Auditory. The simultaneous clash between what your eyes see and what your ears hear makes for a truly weird, and subtle reading experience. I entered it slowly, almost tentatively sliding inside, trying to control my breathing. Alphabetical Africa Walter Abish.

Exercises in Style – Wikipedia

But what do the rest of us do? Nov 15, Steven Godin rated it really liked it Shelves: This novel is the same. Nobody swoons over the latest car that looks like every other damned car on the road. This is a lot of fun at the beginning as you realise exactly what Queneau has challenged himself to do here: I am hardly opposed to word games, and have a lamentable habit of indulging in alliterations, puns and other ignoble techniques in my own writing. Apr 22, knig rated it it was amazing Shelves: Two hours later, the narrator sees him again outside Saint Lazare station.


View all 8 comments. The literary variations recall the famous 33rd chapter of the rhetorical guide by Desiderius ErasmusCopia: Eventually, I grew tired and I didn’t really finish the book. This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat But in French, you’ll have a truly subtle experience.

I know he liked Exercises in Style. Yet Queneau, for all my fault-finding, still retains his place in the syllabus, and demands inclusion on any serious writer’s bookshelf. Raymond’s exercises got me thinking about all manner of things, and I had a few days of intellectual fireworks not my own, more like an appreciation of Raymond’s. There are some chapters for which I will easily give solid five stars.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of This witty shape-shifting narrator should be enjoyed with a dose of few exercises at a time, otherwise it might lead to brain-indigestion and cause a brain-ache, which is definitely not healthy for you as a reader, nor it is fair towards Queneau while passing a quick judgement on Exercises in Style.

There are also some parodies of less literary styles, such as the Blurb, the Official Letter, and the Telegram. Queneau tells the same story in over a hundred different ways, ranging from Operatic English to Tanka to onomatopoeia to set theory to high art to Cockney slang. I liked the episodes rewritten as told by a yokel or in mangled French as spoken by an English person amusingas well as the episodes rewri This was The Well-Tempered Clavierbut in writing.

A short, two paragraph vignette repeated 99 times, but each in a different style really illustrates the protean and fun!