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Monografia de la Familia Caricaceae. for flowering plants of the Neotropics. Monographia de la familia Caricaceae. Publ. Assoc. Prof., Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay. Badillo VM. Caricaceae. Segundo esquema. Rev. Soft-stemmed trees, shrubs, or perennial herbs with milky sap in anastomosing, articulated laticifers; stems armed or unarmed; plants mostly dioecious, or more.

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Dated phylogenies only studies including Cariccaeae. For weblinks to the protologues use the search form. Taxonomy in the electronic age and an e-monograph of the papaya family Caricaceae as an example.

Nota correctiva Vasconcellea St. Caricaceae con la rehabilitacion de este ultimo. Flora of Ecuador No.

Notas adicionales a la monografia de la familia Caricaceae. Inventario anotado de las Caricaceae hasta hoy tenidas como validas. Cinco nuevas especies ecuatorianas y colombianas del genero Carica. Dos nuevas especies ecuatorianas del genero Carica. Catalog famliia Useful Plants of Tropical Africa. African Study Monographs, Supp!. Distribution, diversity and environmental adaptation of highland papayas Vasconcellea spp. Ecotones and gradient as determinants fa,ilia herpetofaunal community structure in the primary forest of Mount Kupe, Cameroon.

Journal of Tropical Ecology A dated phylogeny of the papaya family Caricaceae reveals the crop’s closest relatives and the family’s biogeographic history.

Neotropical Caricaceae

Molecular phylogeny and evolution of Caricaceae based on rDNA internal transcribed spacers familix chloroplast sequence data. Evidence of natural hybridization and introgression between Vasconcellea species Caricaceae from Southern Ecuador revealed by chloroplast, mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers. Annals of Botany 97 5: Species relationships in the genus Vasconcellea Caricaceae based on molecular and morphological evidence. Intergeneric relationships within the Caricaceae-Moringaceae clade Brassicales and potential morphological synapomorphies of the clade and its families.


A phylogenetic analysis of the genus Carica L. Caricaceae based on restriction fragment length variation in a cpDNA intergenic spacer region. RAPD and isozyme analysis of genetic relationships between Carica papaya and wild relatives. Evolution of Crop Plants. Familua structure of morphological and genetic diversity in natural populations of Carica papaya Caricaceae in Costa Rica.

Morphological and isozyme characterization of common papaya in Costa Rica. Isozyme variability in wild and cultivated Carica papaya.

Comparative seed ecophysiology of wild and cultivated Carica papaya trees from a tropical rain forest region in Mexico. Morphological variation in the flowers of Jacaratia mexicana A.

Caricaceaea subdioecious tree. Variation in sexual expression in Jacaratia mexicana Caricaceae in Southern Mexico: Dioecy database open access. Dioecy and its correlates in the flowering plants. The botany and sex relationships of the papaya. Acta Agron Palmira 57, Chromosome number of Carica dodecaphylla Vell.

Meiotic behavior of wild Caricaceae species potentially suitable for papaya improvement. Sequencing papaya X and Y h chromosomes reveals molecular basis of incipient sex chromosome evolution.

Sex chromosomes in land plants.

The origin of the non-recombining region of sex chromosomes in Carica and Vasconcellea. Sex determination in papaya. A primitive Y chromosome in papaya marks incipient sex chromosome evolution. Determinacion del sexo en Carica papaya L.

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Agronomia Tropical 3 4: Genetics of the papaya. Genetics and Genomics of Papaya. Genome size variation among sex types in dioecious and trioecious Caricaceae species. Euphyticaabstract. The draft genome of the transgenic tropical fruit tree papaya Carica papaya Linnaeus. Vasconcellea for Papaya Improvement, in: Genomic and Breeding Resources.


Tropical caricaceqe Subtropical Fruits. Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg.

Neotropical Caricaceae – Neotropikey from Kew

Papaya ringspot virus resistance in Carica papaya via introgression from Vasconcellea quercifolia. Breaking the intergeneric crossing barrier in papaya using sucrose treatment. Development of Carica interspecific hybrids. Australian Journal of Botany 44? Papaya germplasm and breeding in Hawaii. Crossing relationships in the genus Carica. Biotechnology of Perennial Fruit Crops.

Cambridge University Press, Oxford, pp. Carica candicans Gray Mitoan alimentary resource from Peruvian flora. Agronomic evaluation of prospective new crop species V. Dated molecular phylogenies indicate a Miocene origin for Arabidopsis thaliana. Evolution of the angiosperms: The age and diversification of the angiosperms re-revisited.

Domestication of plants in Maya lowlands. Origin and environmental setting of ancient agriculture in the lowlands of Mesoamerica. Early Agriculture in the Maya Lowlands. This is a list of scientific studies arranged by general topics and chronologically. Flora de Veracruz, Fasc. Esquema de las Caricaceae. Dioecy database open access Renner, S. Karyotype determination in three Caricaceae species emphasizing the cultivated form C.

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