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Fatima is Fatima [Ali Shariati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is one of the many Islamic publications distributed by Ahlulbayt. Shariati was one of the first people to lecture here and drew crowds in the Hazrat Ali or Hazrat Fatima or the other Imams is the abbreviation of `alayhi salam. Fatima is Fatima. by Dr. Ali Shariati. Introduction By Laleh Bakhtiar. Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. Goto to a specific Chapter by clicking below. Chapter1; Chapter2.

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Face up to your realities. Ali said two parties are required in order to bring about oppression. They see their people and the religion of Hussein and Zaynab. Town dwellers and village dwellers have become poorer, more afflicted and more hungry while the class of minor landowners and merchants has become weak and dispersed by the growth of new capitalist classes. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.

We see that the poverty among people is so advanced that the problems of bread and water, children’s milk and medicine for the hospitals are the most important things in life. As a result, the Arab people undergo no anguish nor separation by going back to the time of Abraham, no loss of havin gtheir values thrown together, no loss of their beliefs, but rather, they sense the revival and truth or cleansing of their eternal customs. As I entered the gathering, I saw that, in addition to the university students, many others had come.

At the same time, his tongue had the tone of his years. Religion has taken this form. They are familiar with the spirit and movement of time. The responsibility of the people, on the other hand, is to give their spirits and their strength to a movement. They are familiar with the spirit and movement of time. But it is rather to complement it for as Rumi te lls us, “The physical form is of great importance; nothing can be done without the consociation of the form and the essence.


It is the destination of those who encourage jihad and sacrifice to preserve the lives and freedom of the people.

They try to remain the sam andhold onto things of the past forever. When Fatima was ill with the final sickness which caused her fatims, the wives of the Emigrants and Companions of the Prophet went out visit her to ask how she was feeling. What things have they not done and what things will they not do for them? In a society, in a movement of thought or in a revolutionary school of thought, men of letters who are clear thinkers, who are aware and responsible show, through their works, that there is a way to come to know a school of thought or a religion.

September 20, — Shelved fztima It is not a myth.

Fatima is Fatima

Fatima, the Muslim woman, who stands at the door and defends her husband and her home when usurpers try to burn it fstima. Unlike realists, Islam does not submit to realities, but rather, it causes the realities to submit to it. There is no woman in the world who has received the generosity which I have received. If talented, through great efforts, they become jurisprudents or mujtahids or faqihs [theologians].

It seeks them out. The tyranny of our times and the iis of institutions take women away from ‘what she is’. The historic implications of various documents and even of local odes and folk songs were studied.

Opression is like a piece of iorn which is formed by the striking of the hammer of the oppressor upon the anvil of the faatima. Luxury, ceremony, seasonal things, pretntiousness and foreignness pre vail in their work. Our enlightened thinkers are sensitive people, awakened, aware of the fate of the world and the fate of their society.


Fatemeh Is Fatemeh – Wikipedia

I found that book shop5 had no books about her and thus, our intellectuals know nothing about her life. Their sorrow is real. We help people distribute information and art spanning a wide range of subject matter while providing a safe, friendly, respectful, and serious site for all content creators.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. I cannot say that this lecture is without need of criticism.

tatima It is a sign and a symbol. So you should be satified with your daily affairs and live in peace prior to the storm and terrible revolts. What can such a religion do?

Fatima Is Fatima by Dr. Ali Shariati (eBook) – Lulu

People who follow religion without responsibility and without effort, most fattima give their opinions without acting or investing anything. A clear-visioned intellectual, who is confronted by unused cutoms, ancient raditions, a dead culture and an unblievable metamophosis in their religion and social order, takes up the mandate of the Pr ophet rather than submit to the prejudices and beliefs which remain from the past and which put one to sleep. They seek out revolutionary thought.

God reveals through the Quran that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH had been given the abundant river of Paradise and through that river, he shall have abundant progeny although according to Arab beliefs at that time, a man without a son is called ‘cut-off’.