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Denne bekreftelse bortfaller ved evt.

Finer manual is an integral part of the machine and must accompany it whenever moved or resold. The user is responsible for making sure the machine is complete and in good working order.


The manufacturer has the right to make changes at any time, without notice. Each Fimer product has been designed, built and made in Italy.

This is guarantee of maximum quality and reliability. No part of this manual may be translated into another language, adapted or reproduced with any means including scanned documents, photocopies, film and microfilm without the prior written consent of the manufacturer. Indicating that eye protection is required to avoid burns and eye damage. As such, only experienced or fully-trained people should use the equipment.

The constructor declines all responsibility for injury or damage caused by inexperienced, improper or neglectful use of its equipment. A workman must look after his tools carefully!

ARTUR -T 132 -T 152 -T 162- T202-T 207 T 167 GEN – T 187 GEN – T 207 GEN

Remember that any tool or equipment can become a hazard if it is not looked after properly. Equipment in a state of disrepair or neglect can be dangerous. If it does not operate properly or overheats, the electricity supply should be removed immediately and the unit fmier be returned to the supplier for repair.

Read this manual carefully before using your Welder. You can then do a better and safer job. By reading this manual you will learn more about the possibilities, limitations and potential dangers of welding. Retain this manual for the entire life of the equipment.

It should be kept within the operator s reach at all times. The safety information contained in this manual is a guide to ensure you are not subjected to unnecessary risks. However, the operator must be competent and careful at all times. All equipment connected to electric power supplies can be dangerous if the manufacturers instructions are not read and observed.

Read, understand and observe these safety instructions to reduce the risk of death or injury from electric shock. Ensure that even bystanders are aware of, and understand, the dangers that exist in the welding area. Fires and explosions can seriously injure or cause damage! Read, understand and observe all safety warnings to reduce the risk of death or injury from fire or explosion. Pay particular attention to the fact that even bystanders should be aware of, and understand, the dangers existing in the welding area.


Remember that welding, by nature, produces sparks, hot spatter, molten metal drops, hot slag and hot metal parts that can cause fires, can burn skin and damage eyes. Arc rays can damage your eyes and burn your skin! Read, understand and observe all safety warnings to avoid damage from arc rays.

Wear a protective mask and make sure bystanders do the same. Fumes, toxic gases and vapours can be harmful! Read, understand and observe all safety warnings to avoid harm from toxic welding gases.

Pay particular attention to the fact that even bystanders should be aware of, and understand, the dangers. Read, understand and observe all safety warnings to avoid the dangers of compressed gas. The high voltage areas of the equipment have been segregated and can be reached only by using tools that are not provided with the Welder. All maintenance or repair operations requiring access to such areas may only be performed by constructor-trained technicians.

Clean using just a dry cloth. These safety precautions apply even when the unit is switched off. Never stand fijer the unit. This precaution applies also to extension cables, if used. All extension cables must be straight. Coiled cables can overheat, becoming dangerous.

Twisted or coiled cables can also cause Welder malfunction. The power switch must open all the power supply circuits. If a single-phase connection is used, both the live fimed the neutral poles must be open. If a three-wire connection is used, all three poles must be open. Four-wire circuits require all poles and neutral open. Time-delayed fuses or K-standard circuit breakers should be used. When removing the plug, disconnect the earth wire last.

Never tamper with the power cable. Don t use it for anything else!

If you are obliged to use the unit in such areas, turn off all water supplies and check the area has been evacuated. Fire extinguishers should be checked regularly. Place the Welder in a fkmer environment. Place vimer Welder in a safe, protected area. It must not be installed outdoors. Do not install the Welder in dusty environments. Dust can get into the inner parts of the unit and inhibit cooling. The Welder must be positioned on a flat, stable surface that extends further than the units own dimensions in all directions.

Not only could the equipment malfunction but a serious risk of fire outbreak could be created. Always refer to the manufacturer or an authorized repairer. All warranty provisions will immediately become null and void if any repair, or attempt to repair, not specifically authorized in writing or handled by the constructor is carried out. Furthermore, the constructor will accept no responsibility for any malfunction or damage resulting as a consequence of such unauthorized action.

Other spare g could cause equipment malfunction. The use of fimr spare parts will also result in the warranty provisions becoming null and void, releasing the manufacturer from any responsibility for malfunction or damage resulting as a consequence of such action.


Fmier processes can be dangerous for the operator and bystanders if the safety warnings and instructions are not heeded. Keep the front lens clean and replace it if it is broken or cracked. Place a transparent protection glass between the mask and the welding area. This applies to both the power and the welding cables. If the side panels can be opened, always checked they are closed tightly before starting any work. Welding operations require high temperatures therefore the risk of fire is great.

This not only reduces the risk of fire but also avoids damage to the flmer and floors during welding processes. Check its fimee order regularly carry out scheduled inspections and ensure that all parties involved know how to use one.

fimer inverter

Cisterns, in particular, may still contain toxic, flammable or explosive gases and vapours years after they have been emptied. They could still contain tt, flammable or explosive gases and vapours years after they have been emptied. If you are obliged to weld a cistern, ALWAYS passivate it by filling it with sand or a similar inert substance before starting any work.

Maintain sufficient air-flow to avoid toxic or explosive gas accumulation. Welding processes on certain kinds or combinations of metals can generate toxic fumes. In the event of this happening, use air-supply respirators. It is important that the appropriate type of gas is chosen for the type of welding being performed. Always use a pressure regulator. Read the regulator instructions carefully.

Check the regulator is appropriate for the protective gas to be used. Switch the mains power source off immediately THEN provide assistance. Do not touch the welding circuitry. Welding circuitry is usually low voltage, however, as a precaution, do not touch the welder electrodes. This is particularly important if the equipment is relocated often.

The result would not only cause warranty cancellation 2007 also high danger risks. Never point the welding gun or dimer electrode towards yourself or others. Check there are no telephones, televisions, computers or other transmission devices close to the Welder. Make sure that people with pace-makers are not in the immediate vicinity of the Welder.

Do not use the Welder in hospitals or medical environments including veterinary surgeries. Make especially sure there is no electrical medical equipment being used close to where welding is being done. Should the Welder interfere with other apparatus, take the following precautionary measures: Check the Welder s side panels are securely fastened.

Shorten the power supply cables. Place EMC filters between the Welder and the power source. This Class A equipment is not intended for use in residential locations where the electrical power is provided by the public low-voltage supply system.