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Shadowdale has ratings and 91 reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: Okay, I picked this up because our D&D group is or has begun a game in (cue portent. Shadowdale (Forgotten Realms: Avatar Trilogy, Book One) [Richard Awlinson, Jeff Easley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When the. Shadowdale (Forgotten Realms: Avatar Trilogy, Book 1) [Scott Ciencin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An all-new version of one of the.

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May 28, Jim Townsend rated it really liked it Shelves: Forgive the blanket sexism; I think it’s true. Until the action starts.

Nothing seemed to matter but getting to the end of this book. Mar 24, David Sarkies rated it did not like it Recommends it for: And in that I believe this book is pretty good more or less a 7 out of Midnight, who is destined to become the future Mystra had potential to be more interesting, yet her romance and sudden feelings for the womanizing, apparently self-serving, and disrespectful Kelemvor is also random and does not come off as being natural and true, but felt forced.

I’m trying to judge these books based off my current reading and not factor in that this is the infantile stage of the world.

Ao, the Maker of All Things, informs without warning, a handful of lesser gods that the T My love for fantasy fiction was truly challenged with this offering by Richard Awlinson Pen name for Scott Ciencin. This book had a strong enough set up to keep me reading it. There were many characters, gods and fofgotten and worshipers alike and none of them was interesting or well-written. Good brain candy and light fantasy. The first three works center on the remaining members of the “Company of the Lynx” and the search for the Tablets of Fatedivine tablets that hold a listing of the Gods and their roles in the balance of Law and Chaos, during the Time of Troubles.


Ahadowdale I read books like this all the time, I’m pretty sure the review that follows would become repetitive. As a result, the head of the gods, Ao, has stripped the gods of their godhood; and shadowsale has become unstable, until those tablets are returned.

Realms Helps – Shadowdale

And I loved all of the lore covered in this book. It’s amazing how much nostalgia distorts one’s memory, making the mediocre seem better than it was.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: It’s all quite contrived. Why should you read this book? All that said, it’s still worth reading Feb 11, Bill Meehan rated it really liked it Shelves: A lot of plot points seemed glossed over or just alluded to instead of the author actually taking the time to show us what’s happening. The Forgotten Realms are in a state of monumental upheaval. Mar 06, Steve Ragusin rated it it was ok.

I feel like this book seems a lot like “The End of War” and how it transitions between different stories but then it stops at real,s chapter Midnight is the weakest of the leads – a magic-user who is sort-of-good rea,ms it’s convenient and who predictably falls for Kelemvor’s muscles before much time has passed. Want to Forgoten Currently Reading Read.

Shadowdald of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Magija u tim vremenima je nestabilna i avatari Bogova hodaju zemljom. Books by Scott Ciencin. No esperaba mucho de esta novela y el resultado ha sido peor.

Shadowdale (module) – Wikipedia

The ending was poor enough that it has almost put me off reading the second entry, and the book in general dragged so much that it took quite some time to get around to finishing. This is where my almost certainly false idea about why the book was published under a pseudonym originates. Not a terrible book, and it is growing on me. The gave was about 20 years old at this stage and it had been evolving continuously with more complex and complicated rules being forever thrown on top of the pre-existing ones.


It just pushed so much existing lore out the window and replaced it for evidently no necessary reason. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.


This article is about an RPG module. The extra half star is for the gamers and Forgotten Realms rewlms who will be willing to wade through the “converted module” prose to get at the story of the Time of Troubles. The Gods walk the Realms after being banished and this book really follows a few along with the mortals they enlisted for their help to get back to being immortal.

The only thing which made this book enjoyable was the comical relief of Adon the Sunite.

Realms Helps – Shadowdale

I must say though, that I have read much better stories. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Though I’ve been quite hard on the quality of the shadoadale writing – and it is, in truth, below the level most modern fantasy imprints would consider of publishable quality – there’s no questioning the great imagination of the author.

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: It is the first of the three-part ” Avatar ” series, the second being Tantras and the third Waterdeep. I’m still unsure why I finished reading it – and because I finished it, I gave it shadowdalee stars.