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Freedom and Death is Kazantzakis’s modern Iliad. Nikos Kazantzakis was born in in Herakleion on the island of Crete. During the. FREEDOM OR DEATH 1 NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS FREEDOM OR DEATH By Nikos Kazantzakis First published in Dear Friends, this is a backup copy of the. Zorba The Greek () and The Greek Passion () brought Kazantzakis critical attention and this new translation proves him to be among the major writers.

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It’s the movie that made sirtaki music famous. Kazantzaki, little by little the Greeks realize that the Turkish army is too strong for them, and news reach them that they cannot expect any concrete support from mainland Greece, nor from the Great Powers not even Russia, to which some of them look with so much hope.

Find what you believe in and pursue it doggedly.

This site uses cookies. Anyway, thanks for your comment — I’ll try to avoid buying any further books by Kazantzakis, seeing that they can be had for free at local libraries An insult to the Moslem populace causes him to kill Michaeles’ brother. Tensions between the natives and the Turks build until they erupt and send Michales into the mountains to make war.

The consequences of this policy can be seen in 6. Zorba The Greek and The Greek Passion brought Kazantzakis critical attention and this new translation proves him to be among the major writers.

In the UK the book was published as Freedom and Inkoswhich were the last words in the book. Kazantzakis says this in his book “Report to Greco “.


Full text of “Nikos Kazantzakis – Freedom or Death”

Damn, freerom again I wade through an English translation without having bothered to check whether a Slovenian one is also available. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Piecemeal, inconsecutive and effortless as life itself, it is filled with passion and the deah stuff of human personality.

Michales is a kazamtzakis, or Captain, of the Cretans in Megalokastro modern Heraklionthe city in which the Ottoman Pasha resides. Eventually he and his men are besieged on a mountaintop, surrounded by a much stronger Turkish army; in the morning before the final assault, freexom tells his men that there is no dishonour in leaving at this point, and most of them leave by a hidden trail unknown to the besieging Turksbut he and some five others fight to the end From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Before reading this book, my only encounter with Kazantzakis was the fact that I once saw the film Zorba the Greekbased on one of his novels and with Anthony Quinn in the title role. However, the person who o the most attention in the novel is one Captain Michales.

Saturday, November 18, The central conflict lies between Michaeles, a Greek leader, and his blood brother, Nuri Bey, whose mistress would possess Michaeles. He is rather cold towards his wife see e.

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Please provide an email address. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and the last scene, with Zorbas and Basil dancing like mad on the ruins of their failed mining facility, is one of my favourite movie scenes altogether.


A Modern Sequel Most of the inhabitants are Greek, although there are also some Turks even in the countryside. The expression comes from the Greek national motto “Freedom or Fgeedom Eleftheria i thanatosderived from the Greek War of Independence and used by Cretan rebels such as the book’s protagonist. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I will try not to disappoint!


The “or” was knowingly replaced with “and” in the ending text by Kazantzakis. At some point it is mentioned that the Turkish sultan had been required, at some earlier occasion probably due to some uprising or some intercession by the European powersto grant a few concessions or privileges to the Cretan Greeks, and indeed it does not seem that they are being oppressed in some particularly heinous way. It is known as Freedom and Death in the United Kingdom.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Faber and Faber, The last few pages of the novel are delightfully cathartic, a glorious greedom, like a movie scene in slow-motion, and in the background you can almost hear the sort of pompous choral music that would typically accompany such a scene on a movie soundtrack. Articles containing Greek-language text Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles frdedom unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February It isn’t really some concerted, premeditated action.

The book deals with the rebellion of the Cretans against the Ottoman Empire in Cretan independence from the Turks 3. Be the first to discover new talent!

The Turks, for their part, send a few shiploads of soldiers from mainland Turkey to help quell the uprising 8.