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View and Download FUTABA 6XA instruction manual online. [Note: the will work with Futaba PCM receivers T6XAs/T6XHs may be used for sailplanes. Home · Downloads; Instruction Manual. Transmitter: Air. Download. 6K [ PDF: MB ]. Download. 6L [ PDF: MB ]. Download. 10J [ PDF: MB ]. Download . Filename: futaba manual for t6xa. Date: 12/9/ Type of compression: zip. Total downloads: Nick: tatti. File checked: Kaspersky.

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Usually they respond more rapidly to control inputs at high speeds, manuao it is possible to be really gentle with the controls and yet still over-control. Helicopter functions may be found in the following section, pages 43 to Listen for a Repeat tests several times before making adjustments.

FUTABA 6XA Instruction Manual

Don’t have an account? In addition, your system selection, and rudder offset. Page 14 Additional extension cords of varying lengths are available from your hobby dealer or Futaba. If you need to change it on the ground while the engine is running, use the convenient P-AT SEAL on the easily removable nickel-cadmium battery contained in Futaba.

Procedures which may lead to a dangerous condition or cause death or. Flpr FLPR — Flaperon Mixing Futabz Flaperon mixing function uses two servos to individually control two ailerons, combining the aileron function with the flap function. Procedures which may lead to a dangerous condition and cause death or.

The model type letters will stop flashing to indicate the changed model type. Elevator-to-flap mixing is set up so that the flaps droop are lowered when maunal elevator is commanded. Got it, continue to print.

If you are sure you wish to copy the current memory contents into the destination memory, press both keys simultaneously again. Normally, with a single flap, the flap is dropped. Press on the buttons until appears on the menu. Find More Posts by ricktrcu. Dual rates are used because most models have different response characteristics depending on their airspeed. Adjust servo arms and ATV values to get this motion, measured with a pitch meter.


Be sure not to overtighten the screws. Ni-cd Battery Charge the Batteries! Using the Programmable mixers 1. Operation is subject to the following. Pay special attention to the safety at the parts of this manual that are indicated by the.

Futaba T6XAs/T6XHs – RC Groups

Page 26 If you wish to have the flaps operate with the flashing CH6 knob, go back to the menu and FLTR input a number greater than zero.

The link to the manual is greatit help refresh my brain to do the sttings after 7 years relaying all my “toys” in the storage and the manual was gone. Now press the key twice, this cause the small percent sign in front of the CURSOR will cause the plus or minus sign in front large number to flash on and off. If any portion of the servo case directly contacts the fuselage or the servo rails, the rubber grommets will not attenuate vibration, which can cause mechanical wear and ffutaba failure.

Our instruction manuals need to encourage our fjtaba to return spent batteries to Futaba or a local recycling futana in order to keep manal healthy environment. P-at to reverse channels as necessary to get proper throw directions. As as close as you can, then readjust the subtrim before, first set them mechanically, then adjust the electronic settings.

The radio appears to have a few more uses than my 6EXAP that I already own The analog trims are easy to adjust when trimming, but easy to bump and throw out of trim.

If any changes are made, go back over the previous tt6xa and verify, or further adjust as necessary. Modl move the trim tab for that channel until the triangle disappears — this is the nominal neutral trim.


Acrobatic aircraft menu 39 ATL. This manual also for: The address and telephone numbers of our service center is given below. Reduce dihedral rudder B2. A beep indicates that copying is complete. Telephone inquiries are accepted from 9: Both elevator and rudder travel can be Up Elevator Left Rudder view from rear adjusted independently. Changes in rotor speed caused by temperature, humidity, or futqba conditions can be accommodated.

Page 34 REV — Servo Reversing The servo reverse function may be used when you need to change the direction that a servo responds to a control stick motion. Enter text from picture: Both ailerons can be raised and lowered simultaneously for a flap effect. Ask an experienced pilot for assistance. It is commonly used during autorotation, and activated with switch D.

Futaba is not responsible for the results of use of this product by the customer or for any alteration of this product, including modification or incorporation into other devices by third parties. Helicopter Flight Trimming Chart This procedure assumes helicopter is trimmed for hovering.

FLPR — Flaperon Mixing The Flaperon mixing function uses two servos to individually control two ailerons, combining the aileron function with the flap function. Page 24 both to match up, then set the subtrim back to This convenient function allows you to bypass the ATV menu, whose use would require that you move the throttle stick mamual its halfway position to input numbers majual its top end.

You’ve initialized the trim.

Descriptions of the other functions are contained in HELI the aircraft section which precedes this one, pages 14 —