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Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood – book cover, description, publication history. Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood – From New York Times bestselling author and queen of romance Julie Garwood comes this classic novel of a medieval lady. In feudal England, Elizabeth Montwright barely escaped the massacre that destroyed her family and exiled her from her ancestral castle. Bent on revenge, she.

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Her irritation turned to exasperation when he began to snore It was okay. Yes, they are somewhat predictable but that goes along with historical romances. Most authors warripr make it clear that a character is thinking something, perhaps putting their thoughts in italics, so you know what is going on in their head.

Reviewed for THC Reviews Gentle Warrior was Julie Garwood’s garood published romance from way back inand although I mostly enjoyed it, I would have to say that it showed some of her greenness as a writer. So I went for something a little different and went for Feudal England over Scotland.

Garwood lives in Leawood, KS and is currently working on her next novel. It will grab on. The dogs are mentioned in the beginning and then also kind of ignored.

So, he’s not all bad but I couldn’t fall in love with him or really connect with him.

Love this story Most of her books are set in Scotland and England a very long time ago. I was pretty sure it was Garwood, but I couldn’t pin down the title till just now, with a pretty simple search on Google Books.


It doesn’t take long and the two are wed, and now the real battle begins. Gentle Warrior 3 14 Apr 08, Still, it’s not a bad read. That picture makes a puppy frolicking in the grass under a blue sky.

I suppose he does have some redeeming characteristics. In this story, everything happens right up front, leaving only their journey to figuring out that they have fallen in love somewhere along the way. And the side characters- which she usually excels in- are not very well done. Even on sale it isn’t, worth it. Elizabeth isn’t too weepy though, and considering that when we first meet her she has recently witnessed the massacre of her entire family save her baby brotherone can’t help but feel admiration for how she acts and the inner strength she displays.

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! I just hope my lack of memory about some of those yuckier elements means she dropped them aarrior her list of standard tropes. Julie Garwood is a superb storyteller.

Gentle Warrior | Book by Julie Garwood | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I found this book on Audible and couldn’t believe I hadn’t listened before. When they are wed, Geoffrey discovers that his new bride is an independent-minded young miss who he believes must be taught the duties of a proper wife.

This was not her usual way with voices. And the side charact This is probably one of her newer books.

I felt like there were too many scenes just thrown in there to prolong the story and make the reader wait longer for the end. Even though she isn’t very good at more feminine things such as sewing and household maintenance, Elizabeth still had a tender side which made her more relatable to me.


I thought Ann Flosnik did an excellent job.

Gentle Warrior

Well, this was a massive disappointment. Then, later in the book, she is shocked when he kisses her there. All in all, Gentle Warrior was a pretty simple, uncomplicated romance even the bad guys were dispatched with little fanfare which was somewhat disappointingbut in spite of its weaknesses managed to elicit enjoyment from me.

Her British accent adds authenticity to the read. How bad must it be Even on sale it isn’t, worth it. Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood. Having survived the massacre of her family and being exiled from her family’s castle, Elizabeth makes it her mission to gain revenge on the man who destroyed her family and regain possession of her ancestral home.

Yet both of these girls did.

The characterization is also a lot of telling. Yet another winner by Julie Garwood! Not recommended for under 18 or sensitive readers. There are more than thirty-six million copies of her books in print.

Pocket Books December Length: Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Paperbackpages. She’s very stubborn, single minded about seeking revenge and kinda of uninteresting. Books by Julie Garwood.