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Ghosts of Ascalon, by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb, is the first of the three novels bridging the gap between the video game Guild Wars and its sequel Guild Wars. years ago, Ascalon burned Desperate to defend his land from advancing hordes of bestial charr, King Adelbern summoned the all-powerful Foefire. Read “Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon” by Matt Forbeck with Rakuten Kobo. years ago, Ascalon burned Desperate to defend his land from advancing.

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Ghosts of Ascalon (Literature) – TV Tropes

As she strode into the chamber beyond, she grinned at the scorch mark where the skeleton once stood. So I was a little surprised to find that I did not have this problem with Ghosts of Ascalon.

Instead I found a bunch of emotional teenagers whose failure to defeat an elder dragon in the book had turned them into bitter, whiny teenagers in the ghsts. Retrieved from ” https: See all reviews.

To ask other readers questions about Ghosts of Ascalonplease sign up. Sep 25, Jake rated it it was ok. It is not as rich in emotion as e. Desperate to defend his land from advancing hordes of ghosrs charr, King Adelbern summoned the all-powerful Ghosst to repel the invaders. We revere it wholly, even the darkest parts of it. And then that December,I signed up for Goodreads, which was where I really got into reading and reading about reading.

Originally posted at The BiblioSanctum I read Edge of Destiny early in my Guild Wars 2 career and stepped into that book expecting to find incredible stories of the heroes that were mentoring my various characters. A Dance of Shadows. For example you can see Kralkatorrik concept art pieces or see the difference between an Asura and Norn. I thought these were going to be thin little books maybe pages give or take but no, its a full book!


The sylvari necromancer was probably the most pleasant individual of their motley krewe, himself included. It may just be a single use, but we have no way of knowing. It definitely holds up against the test of time.

Sep 26, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: While the charr corpses smoldered, the slain Ascalonians rose again, transformed by their king’s rage into ghostly protectors and charged with guarding the realm—forever. Showing of reviews. Jul 16, kazerniel rated it really liked it.

Guild Wars Ghosts of Ascalon: Impressions from a lore nerd

I started playing Guild Wars specifically to learn the lore of the series for myself, but this book serves as an acceptable background reader — at least for the Prophecies storyline.

Very easy to read and gives more details of what happened before Guild Wars 2. Unknown to me at the time, the choice of the Asura and Charr of Tyria over Holden Caulfield of New York was undoubtedly critical to kf course ghostw life would subsequently take.

This is a strong point for the plot; how it creates opportunities to hand out lore and information like food coupons, yet without it all feeling forced. So now I am somewhat obligated to write this man’s biography. However, I admit that I did not go through this book as quickly as the others, though I don’t know if it’s the writing style or the lack of bonding with all the characters But I still treasure the memory of reading those two Guild Wars novels, and they did something far more than getting me into a genre or increasing my interest in a particular video game; they helped me survive nearly a week with my grandfather!


This absolutely guarantees that things will be done right, as they prove in this first book. Published July 27th by Pocket Star first published January 1st Dougal shuddered as Killeen gave the creature a satisfied smile.

Ghosts of Ascalon

The characters featured a nice range of personalities and gave the reader ghostd good feel for the different racial backgrounds of the 5 playable races in Guild Wars 2. I have so many contradictory feelings regarding this book.

At each branching of the path, Clagg had consulted his glowing map, then indicated they take the less-traveled option. The best part about this book is that, as a long-time Guild Wars player, I’ve been reading about places I’ve visited, events I took part in, and foes I defeated.

Certainly more accurate of a statement, but still too mawkish and hammy. Its articulated limbs hinged on glowing blue magical jewels that held the independent parts of the angular, headless creature together without actually touching them.

Ghosts of Ascalon (Guild Wars, #1) by Matt Forbeck

Don’t have a Kindle? The Time of Contempt. Book Three of The Demon Cycle.