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Print you PDF silently using C#; Author: ; Updated: 14 Mar ; we’ll use the suite of software Ghost Script developed by Artifex and. 2) using gsprint, a executable that comes with Ghostview (the GUI for GhostScript ) and who’s able to send PS and PDF files to any printer that. or uninstaller silently, /D sets the default installation directory (It must be . To print to a specified queue, use -sOutputFile=\\spool\NullLPT1.

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You may want to write macros that use more than one filename for the output file that you will specify in step 9. Do you know if I address a printer with an IP Address or just with the printer name as shown here? One limitation of this, like all other any-printer methods, is that it does not let you select different paper trays for different pages in your print jobs.

In the PrintFile screen, click the Settings button. A side benefit of this method is that WordPerfect now treats your low-cost inkjet printer as if it were a high-powered color PostScript printer. Email Required, but never shown.

Silent Print Using C# – CodeProject

Using Adobe Reader Version 6 of Adobe Reader supported command line printing; sadly this was removed in newer versions. When printing the 40 test documents using 3 threads, all documents were processed in less than 1 min 30 sec.

Click on the down-pointing arrow to the right of the “Look in” field, and navigate to your drive C: Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: See the section below for information prinr installing soft siletn for use with these drivers.

If like some visitors to this site you don’t understand what an “example” means, and you insist on typing in the examples shown on this page instead of using the actual filenames that you find on your system, then stop nowand do not try to use this method.


This is not essential, but it can perhaps make troubleshooting easier.

Background printing of PDF documents

This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or implied. Print double sided Also, if I am reading correctly, this method will only work if your client also has gsprint sileng So, how about 3th party tools?

There is an option like AutoSize? Choose the driver that most closely matches the color and resolution that Ghostscript supports when used with your printer see the Ghostscript printer compatibility page for this information. Depending on your requirements, there can be a very easy way to print a PDF from code. There was however several problems using this method:.

Hi May i know about EventsHelper. Type a space after the quotation mark at the end of the existing line, not inside the existing quotation marks, and then add the following string:. So going this will not allow you the print files in a silent way. I could still launch the application using System.

The performance testing was done by giving the service 40 single page PDF documents and measuring the time taken until the last file was processed and sent to the printer queue. The page will open in a separate browser window so that you can refer to this page while reading it. If nothing prints, then stop and install the software that came with your printer. Remember that you must ghostscriph, positively not try to use the filenames shown here instead of the actual filenames and pathnames on your system!

It prints silently which is great using command line but I only get empty pages. The usage documentation describes the search algorithms used to find initialization files and font files.

Silent Print Using C#

Fire SentToPrinter ; how to use this silent printing in windows Service. MC ND 1, 6 Please do not “try a few things” or “experiment with a few steps” in the hope that they might somehow work.


To be able to use their APIs you need to install the full Acrobat package which is a hassle to obtain just to test slent out. General Windows configuration The installer includes files in these subdirectories: If you decide to try a printer-specific devicename, then make the following two changes in the instructions shown above: Finally, they charge you money sileent this Post as a guest Name.

Ghostscript works fine when printing small documents and it’s highly customizable. When you run the installer program, the second screen displayed by the installation program will include a field titled “Install to directory: With Ghostscript and with any other PostScript printer, a Type 1 soft font that is installed as a “soft font” will produce faster and more reliable output than the same font installed as a “graphic.

PrintFile then sends the file to Ghostscript, which converts it from PostScript format to the format used by your actual non-PostScript printer. Very carefully write down the ghlstscript name of the directory that is displayed. Or even worse, flashing when printing multiple files in rapid succession, as Adobe keeps opening and closing every PDF file you send.

In the Create PrintFile Shortcut dialog, choose the Desktop type; the Storage directory defaults to a subdirectory named Shortcuts under the PrintFile directory, and need not be changed but see the note below if you run Vista or Windows 7.

We achieved the silent printing to avoid pdf popups only works under Adobe reader 7. Consider using one of this site’s other methods before ghoshscript take the trouble to set up this one. When using two or more threads, files sent to Adobe Reader at the same time was ignored.

I copied the TrueType font file to the C: