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Simple helloworld example using remoting. Contribute to graniteds-tutorials/ graniteds-tutorial-helloworld development by creating an account on GitHub. Could you try renaming temporarily your.m2 so we can make sure that this is not just an issue with your local repository? are there. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent. als» tutorial-parentLGPL. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent POM. Last Release on Aug 29,

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Applications can be written faster with a lot less code, and still have a clean architecture with clearly separated layers. Over a million developers have joined DZone.

ArrayCollection; private function findAllAuthors: Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body expected: The platform includes in particular the tools and Flex client libraries necessary to easily use all features of Spring and its associated technologies persistence, granitrds A client development framework Tide that brings familiar Java EE concepts to the client side: None of these options is really appealing, fortunately Tide provides a very simple feature to deal with this and makes bidirectional binding really usable:.

Maven Repository: als

Such observers can be put in many views at the same time and all of them will be updated. See our licenses page grraniteds more details.

This is because we replace the dataProvider of the list each time we receive a new collection. GraniteDS has transparently serialized and deserialized the Hibernate internal state of the collection back and forth, thus making the data coming from Flex appear exactly as if it came from a Java client.


You can also have a look at the Flex mxml code of the example application generated by the archetype, but for now I will start from scratch. These two technologies make a great combination for building enterprise applications with a modern looking and rich user interface. Easy Configuration Simplified configuration through runtime scanning of your deployment environment: In this article I will show this concept of RIA platform at work by building a simple application using the following features:.

Maven Repository: als » tutorial-parent-client-javafx » GA

Any help on how to resolve this will be really appreciated. For now you have maybe noticed that the existence of this collection did not cause any problem at all, though it is marked lazy on the JPA entity.

By using our site, granieds acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. As with did with validation, we can in a first step rely on server-side security and simply annotate the service method: The important thing is that the Flex and Java parts do not contain useless or redundant code and are thus a lot easier granites maintain.

This may seem like a ‘magic’ injection but as we asked for an instance of Component, the framework knows for sure that you want a client proxy for a remote bean.

Group: GraniteDS Tutorials

DefaultServiceInitializer; [Bindable] [Inject] public var identity: I run the following command for the example graniteds-tutorial-data in the GraniteDS 3. GraniteDS is used granitess critical applications by thousands of companies of all sizes and provides responsive professional support and on-demand consulting.


As with validation, you can see that most of the value of GraniteDS resides in the Flex libraries that it provides.

This is not very hard, we just have to observe some built-in events dispatched by Tide:. Well, that’s not exactly the shortest Hello World application, but let’s see the interesting bits:.

So let’s try to implement the editing of the list of books in the update form. And as the injection in the client now uses the interface name, we don’t have to give a name to the Spring service any more:. We can also prevent any call to the server when something is wrong: To make things easier, I’m going to use a Maven archetype Maven 3 recommended:. Integration with Bean Validation Our application is still missing a critical piece: As you can see we have moved the Tide initialization to this tuforial mxml, and added two main blocks to handle authentication:.

That means we could also simply write this: The structure of the project is a classic multi-module Maven project with a Flex module, a Java module and a Web application module. Author” ]public function removeAuthorHandler author: It’s definitely nicer, but it would be even better if we didn’t have to call the server at all to granireds for text size.