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by Franz von Holstein () Du mein Gedanke, du mein Sein und Werden ! Du meines Herzens erste Seligkeit! Ich liebe dich wie nichts. For his collection opus 5, Grieg chose four songs from Andersen’s Hjertets One of the others, “Jeg elsker dig” (“I love you”) belongs similarly to the most. Find composition details, parts / movement information and albums that contain performances of Jeg elsker dig! (I Love Thee!) Edvard Grieg. Jeg elsker dig!.

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Jeg elsker dig, Op. 5, No. 3 (Edvard Grieg) – ChoralWiki

As a result of his prominent status in the music of Scandinavia, these songs have enjoyed a wide distribution. Two of them are among the most beautiful musical and textual declarations of love of the nineteenth century.

However, she was already more or less engaged, and was married in April When Andersen published his collection of poems Phantasier og Skizzer Fantasies and Sketches in January it contained both the love poems and some melancholy poems in connection with the fact that Riborg Voigt had married.

The collection Phantasier og Skizzer was dedicated to H.

Grieg was in a happy and productive period during which he had just got to know his cousin Nina Hagerup better. In December he had finished composing the songs, and at Christmas that same year he became engaged to her and could then present her with this splendid musical gift. Nina had played the piano throughout her childhood and also studied singing under various teachers, including Carl Helsted in Copenhagen.

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She also performed regularly as div concert singer. She sang my songs and has assuredly contributed to the fact that all my romances are now much better known in Denmark than at home.

In the autumn of the couple returned to Christiania now Oslo and on 15th October Grieg arranged an inaugural concert at the Hotel du Nord to mark his return to the Norwegian capital.

The songs Nina Grieg sang on this occasion included Hjertets Melodierand the concert was a great success. Nina Grieg sang the songs from Hjertets Melodier in particular countless times with her husband at the piano.

Here they are seen together in a painting made by P. The original is in Nationalmuseet in Stockholm, NM Grieg himself transcribed it for the piano inand in some versions it has been provided with a second verse that was not written by Andersen.

Melodies of the Heart, Op.5 (Grieg, Edvard)

However, Grieg did not manage to get Hjertets Melodier published. The songs were not printed untiland then at his own expense. To start with, sales were slow, even though the publication was mentioned in a notice in Illustreret Tidende which stated that the melodies were catchy and the accompaniment lively. On his departure from Copenhagen the composer gave 50 digg to his good friend the writer Benjamin Feddersen, because he did not expect them to be sold.


He wrote the first during the summer digg in Keg and it was also published in the collection Phantasier og Skizzer in The second was first published as a song text. However, with its empty fifths it might seem inspired more by Norway than by Langeland.

Dig elsker jeg!, EG 127 (Grieg, Edvard)

It is possible that the two songs at this time should have formed part of a group of five songs dedicated to his friend, the music teacher and composer Louis Hornbeckbut they were never printed in this form. The four songs were not published together as opus geieg until December in Copenhagen.

The composer and conductor C. Horneman was a close friend of Grieg, and together they founded the musical society Euterpe in Copenhagen in