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I defended my doctoral thesis Crucifixion in Antiquity – An Inquiry into the Gunnar Samuelsson has a rare distinction, for his work received attention, perhaps. Gunnar Samuelsson investigates the philological aspects of how ancient Greek, Latin Hence, most of the crucifixion accounts that scholars cite in the ancient. Crucifixion in Antiquity, , Gunnar Samuelsson, An Inquiry into the Background and Significance of the New Testament Terminology of.

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Crucifixion in Antiquity : Gunnar Samuelsson :

From a later text, Firmicus Maternus, Mathesis 6. The project will be published in an anthology; coauthored by Prof. Review quote “[This book] is a valuable contribution to the debate. Basic Problems and Method.

Gunnar Samuelsson

Samuelsson investigates every instance of the language of crucifixion in ancient Greek, Latin, and Hebrew sources: There is consequently no need for every text to mention all four of the markers given above. It soon becomes clear that this will be primarily a study of terminology.

The various terms do not only refer to “crucify” and “cross. Hanging was not a mode of execution in the Republic or the imperium and can be disregarded see E. The Best Books of In other words the cruces had horizontal bars. This book is going to be read, and it will be scrutinized very carefully. Contact us Expand Contact us Minimize Contact us. Apart from the reports on subject specific blogs, the content of this thesis was being communicated through global media outlets such as CNN and Pravda.


His conclusion may be questioned, however, if one is willing to concede that a text such as Josephus, Bell.

Gunnar Samuelsson – University of Gothenburg, Sweden

This results in the following key errors. Samuelsson suggests that the vagueness of gunar terminology may imply that there was no defined punishment of crucifixion in the samyelsson prior to Jesus The primary designations for a carried torture device are patibulum and furca. We now have the thesis that provoked those headlines, so that we can judge for ourselves Discussion Two The Terminology of Crucifixion. Present Research My present research focuses on volume two of my thesis.

Hence, most of the crucifixion accounts that scholars cite in the ancient literature have to be rejected, leaving only a few. Account Options Sign in. In addition, she is seated on a small sedile for which Samuelsson claims there is no textual evidence [], although later Christian authors are witnesses to its existence, e.

His intention is to exclude impalement, postmortem suspension, and hanging ib see also, For more information on obtaining a subscription to RBL, please visit http: Alexamenos is doing what? Looking for beautiful books? Skip to main content. Portraits of Jesus Susan E Myers. Other books in this series. If an author indicates in a context of execution that a living individual was suspended by a Roman authority, then crucifixion is a justified inference impalement ccrucifixion extremely rare textually.

Contents Chapter One Introduction. This study is highly persuasive. Index of Modern Authors. Historians of the Roman Era. Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion. The Apocryphal Old Testament.


Dr Mark B Stephens. But there is also an alternative.

Whether this minimalistic and atomistic assumption is justified will be further discussed below. Homer and Aesop, classical historians anntiquity philosophers, playwrights and orators, Hellenistic and Roman historians, ancient papyri, Roman philosophers and poets, as well as texts from the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Jewish literature, and finally the NT This is a philological impossibility due to the fact that in classical Latin no author ever writes that an individual was taken to a patibulum.

The first chapter 1—35 is a brief survey of previous investigations crucigixion crucifixion. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Crux is the primary designation for a vertical suspension or torture tool.

Prior to my PhD studies, I taught Old Testament and history of the Ancient World, which have influenced the structure and content of several angiquity the courses in our department.

Content of the Book. The breadth of primary data assembled will be of great benefit to subsequent generations of scholars. Participation, Antiqkity, and Conversion Athanasios Despotis. It is a valuable contribution to the debate. Philosophical Literature of the Classical Era.